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  • I'm looking for software that can help a fixed group of people book rooms out of several available in a space. The use is not for commercial but closer to conference room bookings.

    • Multiple but a limited custom amount of people should be able to book a single room.
    • I want to display the statuses of each room on a website and on on-site displays, preferably in a calendar style.
    • Ideally I want its users integrated with the Cloudron LDAP.

    The people involved are currently using an open Google Docs spreadsheet.

    Ideas, thoughts? I'm open to both dedicated software solutions and retrofit ad-hoc solutions of existing Cloudron apps.

  • App Dev

    Take a look at the existing thread on adding resource support in SOGo - it's like 80-90% of what you're describing:

  • That is a lean solution in a way. Thanks, @jimcavoli. It requires users to find their way in SOGo of course, but would be a viable solution regardless (if/when the feature is implemented, that is)

    It would also come with the advantage of being compatible with the likes of FullCalendar which solves the on-site display part of the problem.

  • The one but important thing using a future SOGo setup would not accomodate is the need for multiple users booking the same room (and different amount of slots for each room).

    I suppose the usecase is more akin to seat booking than room booking in that sense.

  • App Dev

    @yusf Can't you just create multiple room in the software for each actual room ? Like "Room A - Slot 1", "Room A - Slot 2" ... ?

  • App Dev

    The calendar in Kopano Groupware can be used in this way. Overbooking, auto accept/decline. The publication could be something implemented on top of our rest api.