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Multiple Mail servers / mail server locations

  • I couldn't find this so sorry if it was posted already, but one major pain point I'm trying to work around is having two small but unrelated projects on the same server - I don't want mail from one to be traceable back to the other, and the requirement on one mail server location makes that hard.

  • @ianhyzy Sounds like a job for using a sendmail service like Elastic Email or Mailgun?

  • Staff

    A workaround is to use an email relay and also a generic domain for the mail server name (as that is reflected in mx record and client setup).

  • @girish This is what I'm leaving towards - I use mailgun so just switching to a generic domain would work?

  • Staff

    @ianhyzy Yes, I think so. For good measure after you switch to a generic domain, can you verify what is visible in the email headers? On most email clients, you can do Show raw message. I suspect the DKIM keys (in DNS) still have the previous dashboard domain but this can be fixed. If you can do a test, I can tell you how to fix that.

  • @girish yeah, I confirmed it was leaking names via the mail headers. I'm still working out what I want to do, but thank you for the suggestions! If I end up getting another domain I'll report back

  • @ianhyzy I registered a new domain just for this purpose. It's not ideal but I don't have to use a relay so it works out in the end. I'm hosting with DigitalOcean so the PTR record is set by changing the server (droplet) name to match the mail server domain. Last I checked my headers, all were good and pointing to the new domain setup.

    Edit: BTW, I've used Amazon SES for my newsletters in the past and they're pretty cheap. IIRC, I sent like 9k emails for under $1 USD.