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  • adding a drive

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    This is very much a generic Linux topic, not much related to Cloudron. So looks like it is already mounted from the last error message you have posted.
    You can run the mount command to see all currently mounted filesystems. Maybe you have to first unmount it to then mount it to the correct mountpoint?

  • Cloudron Disk Speed - Optimum?

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    Thanks for the input y'all. I did some further testing and found out something strange. When I change the CPU resources for each app, and it doesn't matter if I increase or decrease the resources and then checking the disk speed again it went up. Also wenn I stress test my website (did that with the siege command line tool) the disk speeds went up. Seems like Contabo does allocate resources when there is stress on the system and decrease resources when it's idling? So I could reach speeds of around 300 MB/s to 1 GB/s on SDA3. Same with SDA2.

    I think I'll ignore the numbers for now as I don't feel there are real world problems on the VPS. And I guess if I really need to upscale performance for whatever reason I might switch to Hetzner or something else.

  • Disk usage issue

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    @girish said in Disk usage issue: is the fix if you want to patch it yourself.

    Thanks, I wouldn't know where to start with that, but I guess useful for others who do 🙂

  • Disk Partitioning for Cloudron

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    Looks like it but I don’t remember if on purpose or as part of the Ubuntu Server installation 😑 - it’s quite some time ago that I installed Ubuntu Server on this machine

    Festplatte /dev/mapper/beebox--vg-root: 461,58 GiB, 495603154944 Bytes, 967974912 Sektoren Einheiten: Sektoren von 1 * 512 = 512 Bytes Sektorgröße (logisch/physikalisch): 512 Bytes / 512 Bytes E/A-Größe (minimal/optimal): 512 Bytes / 512 Bytes Festplatte /dev/mapper/beebox--vg-swap_1: 3,69 GiB, 3942645760 Bytes, 7700480 Sektoren Einheiten: Sektoren von 1 * 512 = 512 Bytes Sektorgröße (logisch/physikalisch): 512 Bytes / 512 Bytes E/A-Größe (minimal/optimal): 512 Bytes / 512 Bytes
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    @humptydumpty during the install you have the option to change how much ubuntu uses - if you left it alone it would have used the default amount.

    If this is a VPS provider, they likely did it wrong as well.