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    Requested via the app feedback form in the demo Cloudron

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    I would like to bump this one. Would be cool to have helpy.

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    @atrilahiji yeah, I hadn't seen this before, but it looks great!

  • @atrilahiji actually upvoting is a good idea too 😉

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    If I remember correctly girish and nebulon were in contact with Scott from helpy to bring it to cloudron with ldap, not sure why that stopped, maybe @derek (?) knows more, since he built it in the first place. I forked it at some point to tweak things and it worked fine, but the source repo is no longer accessible.

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    @msbt I can access just fine . But yes, we were in touch with Scott couple of years ago but we didn't find the time to finish the packaging.

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    @girish yes my repo is there, but the one I forked it from is gone 😉 or rather "inaccessible" it says

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    @msbt Ah true. I am a GitLab admin and I also see " Forked from an inaccessible project ". Looks like this was created from derek's old gitlab account (?). Also strange, that you forked it but made no changes.

  • Seems to be sponsored by some decent players:

    Can't tell if the OS version is full-featured or needs paid-plan for extras, like Freescout.

    Can't see pricing anywhere either.

    Screenshots look good but the proof is always in the testing, and I really don't like having to fill out sales forms to trial stuff.

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    The OpenSource version did not have LDAP but atleast back then Scott was willing to help us out by providing LDAP for just the Cloudron package. When we have some time, I will reach out to Scott again.

  • @marcusquinn said in - multi-lingual helpdesk, email tickets and knowledgebase:

    Can't tell if the OS version is full-featured or needs paid-plan for extras, like Freescout.

    The OS version doesn't include everything:

    Open Source Features

    Helpy is an integrated support solution- combining and leveraging synergies between support ticketing, Knowledgebase and a public community. Each feature is optional however, and can be easily disabled.

    Multichannel ticketing: Integrated with inbound email via Sendgrid, Mandrill, Mailgun, etc.
    Knowledgebase: Full text searchable and SEO optimized to help users answer questions before they contact you.
    Mobile-friendly: Support requests come at all times, and Helpy works on all devices out of the box so you can delight customers with prompt answers, from anywhere and at anytime!
    Community Support Forums: Customers and Agents can both answer questions in a publicly accessible forum, and vote both threads and replies up or down accordingly.
    Embed Widget: Helpy Includes a lightweight javascript widget that allows your users to contact you from just about anywhere.
    Multi-lingual: Helpy is fully multi-lingual and can provide support in multiple languages at the same time. Currently the app includes translations for 19 languages and is easy to translate.
    Themeable: Customize the look and functionality of your Helpy without disturbing the underlying system that makes it all work. Helpy comes with two additional themes, and we hope to add more and get more from the community as time goes on.
    Sends HTML email: Responses to customers can include html, emojis and attachments.
    Customizable: Set colors to match your brand both on the helpcenter, and in the ticketing UI.
    GDPR Compliant: Comply with GDPR right to be forgotten requests by deleting users and their history, or by anonymizing them.

    Pro Version

    We also offer a pro version with additional features designed to make your helpcenter even more awesome. This is available as either a turn-key SaaS or AWS/Azure marketplace product. Both spin up in seconds. Proceeds go directly towards supporting the continued development of the project. Some of the things found in the pro version:

    Triggers: Insert events at any point in the ticket lifecycle. This includes an outbound JSON API.
    Notifications: Browser notifications when new tickets are received, you are assigned to a ticket, etc.
    Real time UI: When tickets arrive, they are automatically added to the UI
    Custom Views: Add additional Ticketing queues to highlight just the tickets you need to see
    Advanced reporting: A suite of additional reports on the performance of your ticketing and helpcenter knowledgebase
    Advanced search: Easily filter and find tickets or customers when you have thousands
    Customizable Request Forms: Easily Add questions to the ticket creation forms
    AI Support Chatbot: Create a chatbot for your website to answer up 90% of tier one questions autonomously

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    @girish said in - multi-lingual helpdesk, email tickets and knowledgebase:

    Also strange, that you forked it but made no changes.

    it was really a minor thing that I changed, I think it wouldn't build out of the box and I fixed those things, not even sure if I pushed them to the repo afterwards. Not having LDAP back then was a dealbreaker for me and I was glad that you (almost) made that deal with Scott and stopped trying 😉