Email aliases on different domains

  • Hi all, I know you now can have different domains and emails on one cloudron. But what I am looking for is to have multiple domain aliases pointing to one email address.

    For example, these aliases:

    All point to (send and receive from) email account:

    Is this possible? Doesn't seem so. Seems like the email is restricted to the domain. Hope this makes sense. Thanks for the help!

  • If I understand that scenario correctly, you can add the alias account on all domains to the mailbox-owner/user and after logging in, you set up forwarding rules in either rainloop or roundcube to that domain, that should do the trick.

  • Thanks for the info. So would I have to have multiple rainloops installed then to do the forwarding, one for each domain?

    I see you can add external domains via rainloop as well but I didn't see how to do that even though I was logging in as admin.

    Thanks again.

  • The proposal from @msbt is currently the only supported way, as Cloudron does not support cross domain aliases. Also rainloop is setup in a way that it only works with one domain, the one where it is installed at. To create the server side sieve rules for forwarding, you could also use other mail clients instead of Rainloop, which support sieve. One example is Thunderbird with the sieve plugin.

  • @nebulon ok thanks for the info, appreciate it.

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