Wiki.js - An open source, modern and powerful wiki app built on Node.js, Git and Markdown.

  • Hey all,

    we would be really happy to see Wiki.js - which is an Open Source project - to be available on the platform. For us this would be one "killer app". ^^


    An open source, modern and powerful wiki app built on Node.js, Git and Markdown.

    Amongst other considerations this is exactly what we demand from a modern wiki engine. We evaluated various solutions during the last couple of months and this seems to be exactly what we are looking for. A great alternative seems to be bookstack.

    According to their Github project site the project is quite active, maintained and seems to have a solid user base.
    And they offer ready to go docker images, too. 🙂

    So long!

  • @ctrl I agree. This is the one app that Cloudron doesn't have that I'd like to use. Bookstack would also be nice. Hope they add them both soon!

  • Is there anything we - as a community - can do to get this up and running rather soon?

  • @ctrl is there already a docker hub image of this app ? if so packaging it for cloudron and testing it from different cloudron install could help move forward the state of this app..

    Edit : it seems so :

    ps : future version of cloudron will facilitate loading dockerfile images and launch apps at an individual level (out of the cloudron store) if I understood correctly but it's not ready yet I the meantime, packaging for cloudron from an existing docker file seem to be the way to go !

  • Thank you for your input @rikmendes.

    Do you have a pointer to where to start? Is the packaging process documented and available to the public?

  • @ctrl I only did this once for HackMD before it became an official app on the cloudron store..but I'm no expert and managed it by following the instructions here : unless wikiJS has some really specific things you should be able with perhaps some help to move forward ?

  • Thanks a lot for your input. I'll give it a shot and will report back soon.
    For a dev related discussion I'd create a new thread in the support section and link it with this thread.

  • I just wanted to let you know that I ran out of time to get any further in packaging wiki.js unfortunately. Nevertheless it'd be quite nice if someone else could take the next steps in order to create an official Cloudron app.

  • Wiki.js looks promising. LDAP support and all.

  • Wiki.js 2 is in beta and brings some important changes (like change of database from MongoDB to RDBMS database of your choice), so anybody thinking of packaging might prefer to hold out for the v2 to come out (or package the beta instead).

    There's no timeline for beta, so it might still take a while (or not) before v2 final is out.

  • @ruihildt

    Upgrading from 1.x to 2.0 will be quick and simple. You can safely use 1.x right now and upgrade later.

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