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Backup Improvements: Restic as Backend

  • My Cloudron server should store it's backup on a Raspberry Pi running offsite on a different place than the server. I've tried to do this with Minio running on the Raspberry Pi via a Wireguard VPN. While this basically works for a small amount of data, this doesn't work with a huge amount of data (currently ~1TB). The Minio server uses all available resources on the Raspberry Pi and Cloudron stops after 4h, stating the backup takes too long. I've also tried to increase this timeout by fiddling around in the code, but even after many hours the backup doesn't finish. The connection between the Cloudron server and the backup target has 1 Gbit/s, so bandwith is definitively enough.

    I did some experiments with Restic and Minio, but the initial backup didn't finish after 8h waiting. So I decided to give Restic rest server a try, this worked much better and also caused much less load on the Raspberry Pi.

    Feature request: Please integrate Restic as the backup tool into Cloudron. It has a huge user base and supports a lot of backends, no backend would have to be integrated manually into Cloudron again.

    Thanks for considering this suggestion.

  • restic · Backups done right!

  • Restic would be really great.

    For my non-Cloudron services, I use this Docker image:

    It wouldn't make sense to take that as is, but it could be a good example of basic Restic functionality for something like Cloudron.