Meemo purged my notes

  • I recently wanted to get back to a Meemo note I took some time ago, but it was gone.

    The app is completely empty of notes whereas before I had a bunch.

  • @yusf hopefully you have some backups of it and can restore it. Was there any error shown? Do you see the welcome notes instead now?

  • Usable backup is probably outside retention time I’m afraid.

    No, no errors visible, no welcome notes. Just an app.

  • Can you open a terminal into the app via the Cloudron dashboard and run the mongodb client there?
    Then check if you have a collection named <your userid>_things with show collections. If so also check if it contains your notes data with db.<your userid>_things.find()
    Now if the data is still in the database there, then I might have to debug this further on your instance, if there are no errors shown to indicate the issue.

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