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SOLVED Changed Dashboard domain, but SOGO won't install, or let me login, with the new domain.

  • So I changed the domain, and it worked fine. But I thought that the main user would also thus change. However, it seems that the cloudron is still using the previous domain as its main user. I tried uninstalling, then reinstalling SOGO in order to get the new credentials, but it it still only lets me login for the credentials, as well as shows only the mail for Not the mail.
    What do I do??
    Thank you.

    EDIT: I just noticed that Email is not enabled for the new Dashboard domain, and in fact, the only domain that has Email enabled is the old domain. So I guess I need to enable Email for the new Dashboard domain in order to have it accessible. BUT, the same question remains... will it then become the new default email/login??

  • Staff

    Some longer time back, we removed that implicit email account creation. The dashboard domain now has nothing to do with the email accounts and email domains. You can manage them independently. Only the mailserver DNS remains to be bound to dashboard domain. This is what you would use to configure an email client.

  • So I enabled Email for the new Dashboard domain (and left the old domain as-is), and went to login to SOGo using the new domain user credentials and voila, I could login fine. BUT it only shows the email for that specific new user. For some reason I was expecting SOGo to display the email accounts for all the users on my Cloudron - in this case I thought it would show the emails for both new and old domain names. I realize, after thinking about it, that in the case of a Cloudron being used by different users that you wouldn't want everyone's email viewable by everyone. But is it possible to have that option for a case like mine, where I have multiple domains with Email enabled, and so I could check some option in SOGo to display whichever addresses, rather than having to login to several different SOGo accounts? I went through the preferences of SOGo and thought that the IMAP ACCOUNTS section under Mail would let me add other email accounts, but it only lets me edit the current account.
    Screenshot 2019-10-03 22.20.15.png

  • Staff

    @scooke You already figured out the hard way, but overall:

    • You can add one or more domains on Cloudron. These domains do not have email enabled by default.
    • Email is enabled on a per-domain basis by going to the Email view
    • You have to further create mailboxes per domain. There is a concept of 'owner' for each mailbox which ties a mailbox to a Cloudron user for authentication purposes

    Apps like SOGo, Rainloop, Roundcube are just email web frontends. Meaning, you don't need to install these apps at all to access/view/send email. You can, for example, configure your mobile phone k9 app or thunderbird to access mail.

    Each of the above apps has various limitations when it comes to how they can be pre-configured to allow email access for multiple domains and multiple users. Specifically, for SOGo, we haven't found a way to provide multiple mailboxes to be accessed in the same login session when authenticating via LDAP. Workaround: use something like firefox containers to open two tabs with SOGo (ff containers provides separate 'sessions' for the same app).

  • Hi, do you guys have any pointers on how we can view, access, send mails without installing these mail frontends?

  • App Dev

    @vjvanjungg you can use any mail client that is able to read imap emails, check for more information

  • @msbt if i have email enable on another domain (not the Cloudron dashboard domain), do i need to change the server hostname?

  • Staff

    The email server (ie imap and smtp server) is the same as the dashboard domain for the time being for all email domains hosted on that Cloudron.