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  • Hi guys, do you have any pointers or suggestions for reliable servers at lower costs or free to host Cloudron on? I’m trying to save for the first year of starting up. Many thanks!

  • The main question is "what is the price you want to pay" & "how many ressources are you going to need"?
    To host only a wordpress i would not recommend cloudron at all - just take a wordpress-hosting from any hoster.
    To host anything more than 3 apps, like for example one wordpress, one nextcloud and one privatebin you could just take any low cost VPS from netcup for germany or digitaloceans cheap droplets in general.
    To do more with cloudron you will need more ressources, and that is what makes hosting expensive in general.
    Furthermore note that domains will also come with a cost and as of what i know, you will need a fqdn to get cloudron work properly.
    I do run a dedicated server, which is surely something not everyone will be able to afford, so i can't speak about how great digitalocean droplets will be capable of running cloudron - could anyone else share their experience with this?

  • Oh - one thing i wanted to share with you:
    The cheapest solution which is something i did a long time and i will do in future is a server at your home.
    So you have the hardware at your home, full managable and you route everything using a single, very cheap VPS. There is a talk from the CCC and a blog about it here:

  • @timbo hi thanks for the advice! i’ll keep it in mind. checked out the blog you sent

  • @timbo great points, it really touched on the main concerns i’m having

  • When it comes to "cheap" you can host cloudron on a raspberry pi in your home. I would not recommend that since you expose a server running inside your home network to the internet and this always comes with a risk. Hosting at home is also not always the cheapest option, as your hardware needs to be purchased first and then run constantly what increases the electricity bill.

    As mentioned before I can recommend Netcup (contracts available for german and international customers) since they are a reliable hoster and have good price/performance ratio. On top of that they have a preconfigured Ubuntu 18.04 LTS + Cloudron image for their VPS/Root servers so you have cloudron running out of the box. Prices for VPS capable running cloudron (1 core, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD) start at 2,69€/month so there is little room for arguing about better solutions.

    Finally it comes down to the question what you want to achieve. I started with renting a root server for 7 € / month and testing cloudrons capabilities. If you want to test it out, start with your own hardware and the free plan.

    If you plan to use cloudron as your main infrastructure (mail, website, services) in production, do not hesitate to spend some money on it. 30$ Cloudron + 10$ for a root server per month is appropriate.

  • These are all great replies - If you are looking for bang for buck that's reliable:

    I spend $30/USD at kimsufi for:

    • 2TB Soft-raid across 2 1TB drives
    • 100MBit/s bandwidth
    • 32 GB RAM
    • 8 core intel based CPU (I forget the model, but it's fast enough for my needs)

    Hosting a total of like 10 - 12 apps sometimes more when developing a new app. This is a dedicated server. Meaning I am not sharing my resources with anyone else like with other VPS hosting.

    Kimsufi has dedicated servers (hardware, not virtual based!) in CA and FR starting at $4.99/USD.

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