Notion-like FOSS app

  • I acknowledge the genuine intent of your original reply, @murgero. Thank you. As one of the recurring Cloudron community members your enthusiasm to further the project and help users out is quite notable.

    I think that the nature of what Notion brings makes it especially prone to be overlooked feature-wise compared to other tools: it’s the specific way of how elements from other novel tools are put together that makes Notion unique.

    So let’s move on. Notion has no FOSS counterpart for the time being. I don’t even se any FOSS no-code tools like the other ones mentioned in the original post. But let’s keep our ears to the ground.👂

  • @yusf some venerable wikis I used allow to generate dynamic elements and input interfaces in pages and build simple applications on demand with scripting.

    • TWiki and Foswiki with their own markup language, macros and numerous extensions.
    • Xwiki use Velocity, Groovy and code snippets.

    Recently Mavo opened: "A new, approachable way to create web applications. Create complex, reactive, persistent web applications by just writing HTML & CSS, without a single line of JavaScript and no server backend. Developed in the Haystack Group at MIT CSAIL and led by Lea Verou. "

  • @jeau I appreciate the suggestions and I recognize the similarities but their too far off still unfortunately.

  • @yusf Yeah - Sorry yusf. I get really passionate about FOSS as you can see 🙌

  • @murgero Im with you! I used to be die hard anti FOSS, now I'm studying CompSci so I can help out around here!
    If you think of FOSS in interpersonal relations, I just gave you a push to your mental git repo hahahah I hope you'll return the favor when I stumble!

  • @yusf
    My understanding is that anytype .io is similar to Notion. The developers say they plan to open source it after they release it.
    It is built on IPFS. You can check out a video here:

    I have no affiliation. I just stumbled upon it and have been awaiting its release. If it lives up to the hype, I hope to somehow use it with cloudron

  • @seeker Awesome app! This looks seriously awesome!

  • @will Yeah, I agree. I have been waiting for their beta. As for another possibility- there is also Tiddlywiki. Years ago the hurdle was collaboration. I wonder if they have solved that with a plugin or something

  • @seeker Yeah! There we go! Anytype definitely looks like a viable alternative. 👏

  • @yusf Agreed. Fingers crossed it come through

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