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Sorry to have to ask for help setting up Riot

  • I am so grateful for all the work put in Cloudron~

    I must be misunderstanding something about Riot and Matrix. I've eited the config.json file and renamed the Host Server to my domain, but I am still getting the message

    Cannot reach homeserver
    Ensure you have a stable internet connection, or get in touch with the server admin

    What do I need to do? I thought the 5.1 update brought something called a TURN server which Matrix would us.e... you know, I have no idea what to do. Bit by bit things make sense but right now, I'd love to use Riot, and get ready for Jitsi Meet, but I just don't get it. Thanks for any help.

  • Do you already have 5.1? My cloudron is still on v5.0.6 ^^ Lower right corner in the dashboard.

    I guess what 5.1 brings is integrating TURN with Nextcloud Talk. Matrix/Synapse integration seems not done yet.

  • Did you do do what's suggested in your other Riot thread?

  • Staff

    @scooke Matrix/Riot are not ready yet but I made good progress today and managed to get the federation tester to work. So, I will make it available tomorrow with the docs (note: it will still be 'unstable'). Thanks for your patience!

  • @yusf Yep. I just thought that now the (turn) server info would be more clear or easy to spot or something. Or for Riot and Matrix, it is a synapse server, not turn.
    I am totally not being impatient or ungrateful or anything like that, I just am slowly getting my head around the tech and its jargon. For some reason I thought the 5.1 update 'solved everything', but I see that bit by bit things are getting connected and hooked up. Thank you @girish!

  • @subven It seems to get a jump start on 5.1 you can write to support and ask for the update to appear in Settings - Update. I only asked because I was prepared, if things get mucked up, to restore from a backup, having done so a few times for various reasons.

  • Staff

    @scooke No problem 🙂 It's quite confusing because I have been leaving various bits of progress all over this forum in various places...

    Just to give an update on the current status. I have gotten synapse published. I put some initial docs at (reading that now, there seems to a big wall of text. I have to simplify it). I am publishing riot now.

    But both the apps require Cloudron 5.1.4 which is now going through our CI. In 5.1.4, we have a way to add .well-known docs which is required for synapse/riot to work. Hopefully, we should be in a releasable state tomorrow.

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