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  • @girish
    this is the biggest issue that we are facing because it seam that webadmin and normal ols are separate process, and as OLS call separate "listener".
    And u can't forward / rewrite a call easy from one to the other, we only able to do that is we install the proxy module in front of port 80 and 7080, but this mean that we will have 2 proxy before wordpress (Nginx+ OLS)

  • Staff

    Yeah, it's not ideal to have two proxies before hitting wordpress.

    I can try adding a field in the manifest to specify additional http ports in the next release. That should sort out this issue.

  • @girish
    or possibility to add like a proxy_pass to a path, example: --> container:7080

  • Staff

    @MooCloud_Matt Right. I do prefer the path based approach you mention instead of

  • @girish
    me to, its cleaner as solution, and more flexible for future app too (minecraft for exemple)

  • hello everyone,
    I wanted to update you on the status on OLS.
    In agreement with @girish the application will not be published on the store because it will be released with a open source license, but which prohibits its use by MSP or Managed Hosting Provider; and because themselves cannot guarantee support on the app.
    In all cases we are working together to ensure that the Apps developed by MooCloud will be available in the store sooner or later.

    As soon as the custom proxy_pass support is added to the manifest we will release the application to the public downloadable from our docker registry.

  • Staff

    Currently, all packages our our store are maintained by us and we provide the support as well (to the best we can). We don't have a mechanism for 3rd party packages. We need to have a way to show/mark this in the UI as well as inform the user accordingly of the support expectations. If people have ideas, we are happy to consider this. Please open a separate thread though in the feature requests category, so that we don't derail this OLS thread 🙂

  • From a UI point of view, maybe keep App Store as your supported Managed Apps and have separate section, maybe just called "3rd Party"

    Maybe an "Add Repositories" button to add Gitlab Group or Repo URLs?

  • @girish How about embeding it with Unmanaged WP installation as of with redis? Is this something that could be done?

    I personally totally agree with not messing too much with third parties packages from cloudron box, especially as, indeed, you'd have no control on future devs of such outsider apps and thus no control on the outcomes. I believe what you are doing already is extraordinary imho so as some say "if a thing works well, don't f.... try to 'fix' the thing..." lol

  • @micmc
    But will mean that OLS and all the apps that we are working on will be available only for Moocloud customer.
    If you want there is a post on that, If u want to discuss with us.