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UNSOLVED Using NFS to backup cloudron from a Windows Server Share

  • Hi there,

    I'm trying to follow the documentation but I'm running into some roadblocks and am really wracking my brain.

    My server is now self hosted and I added a drive to handle backups for various items including cloudron. I created an NFS storage volume in my server (separate drive) allowing everybody R/W access (for now) and have the following details:

    Windows server 2016
    Share name: Backups
    Folder path D:\shares\backups
    Remote path: MySVR:/Backups

    Ubtuntu 18.04 Virtual Machine running Cloudron

    Cloudron documentation shows this to be added to the fstab file:

    IP:/remote_volume /backups nfs rw,hard,tcp,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14 0 0

    So for me that would be

    MySVR:/Backups /Backups nfs rw,hard,tcp,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14 0 0

    Did I do that right? Should I actually be putting the IP address my server uses on the LAN? I did try that, but it still didn't seem to work.

    Also, in the backup page, would the filepath be MySVR:\Backups?

    I just can't seem to find any help online for this particular setup and could really use some help. I'm having tons of fun, but this really has me stuck. Thanks in advance!


  • Staff

    We don't currently have a setup like this to test. But if you make it work, please share it here and we can put this into our docs then. Thanks!

  • App Dev

    @stratus41298 said in Using NFS to backup cloudron from a Windows Server Share:


    You need to be aware that names are always case sensitive on Linux. I am not using the file system backup, but would expect that you need to specify /backup and not MySVR:/Backups as the location, though.

    Can the path be mounted in general or do you only see issues when trying to use this path from Cloudron?

  • @fbartels Thanks for the thought. I did make sure of the case sensitivity. I've learned that lesson too many times the hard way 🙂

    I will try again maybe in all lower-case just to see if that changes anything.

    @nebulon Do you think it would be easier if I just made an NFS server on the backup drive using Linux and connected them that way?


  • Staff

    @stratus41298 Maybe it's better to mount it as CIFS instead of NFS. Can you try this tutorial - ?

  • @girish Yeah I was starting to think that as well. I'll give it a shot and report back. Thanks!