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Yearly pricing introduced recently, I guess?

  • I just realized from comments on a different thread that you now have yearly/annual pricing which is a generous discount per month. I may have missed the announcement of those pricing changes, not sure when that came into effect but I appreciate it.

    As a Canadian who ends up paying even more than the listed price due to currency conversion between USD and CAD, I am very thankful for the chance to have that discount by paying for a year in advance. Of course one has to have the means to be able to justify a year up-front, but I can definitely see myself using this for a year or more at least.

    As a result, I have changed my plan from monthly to yearly, and I just wanted to say thank you. This brings down my total cost of ownership (TCO) by quite a bit. This takes me down from roughly $40 CDN to $20 CDN, saving me $20 a month, or $240 over the course of the year.

    Anyways, ultimately I really just wanted to say thank you, and hopefully let others know about this too in case it helps them. This was a pleasant surprise to see.


  • I like the return to the "old" price since 30$ + taxes (+costs for a server) was just too much for small teams or people who wants to get started.

    I also think it is extremely important that you stick to the free plan (as it is) since it is essential to test or try it out and have the ability to start with Cloudron, for example for single freelancers.

    Did I see that correctly that the "premium" label for apps is gone?

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    @subven So far, I've been grandfathered into the 15/month for everything. I really hope it stays that way. I already feel weird paying 15 for an open source server (though it's fine as I really want to support development anyway) but any more than 15/month and I'll have to move to a different solution 😞

  • @subven from the team info, premium labels have gone for a while now

  • Staff

    We will always grandfather existing subscriptions into the corresponding tier, so there is no worry about suddenly getting a price bump.

    As a business, with the focus on maintaining Cloudron in a sustainable way to ensure continuity and reliability for users, we have to iterate on pricing every now and then. As said, this does not affect existing subscriptions.

  • I would like to see a subscription between the free option and the $15/mo. Perhaps $5/mo for ten users and 5 apps. 2 apps makes it hard to really explore the product. $15/mo is more than I need to pay for what I have in mind, which is a small site for family. I realise Cloudron is a business but I'm putting my business case forward. 🙂

  • @YurkshireLad said in Yearly pricing introduced recently, I guess?:

    I would like to see a subscription between the free option and the $15/mo

    Note that you have to pay annually to get $15/mo pricing, otherwise it's still $30/mo

    Personally I think it's a shame that the 5 user restriction has come back.

    I'd like to see an option between $0 and $30 per month, perhaps $10 a month for up to 10 apps?

  • Ah, I missed that you have to pay anually for $15/mo. I think it's more than I want to pay for my needs.

  • Silly me forgot that US$15 is about eleventy one thousand dollars in Canadian. 🙂 Ouch.

  • @YurkshireLad
    USD15 = CAD21