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Wordpress (unmanaged) doesn't send any emails.

  • While Cloudron sends the emails either by test email or from a mailing app without any problems, Wordpress doesn't send any emails. I tried setting up the SMTP plugin but the setup gave me an error after using the suggested settings from my Cloudron. I can't even change the administration email of WordPress.

  • What do you mean with you tried setting up the plugin? It should already be set on deployment and doesn’t need to be touched. Was it removed and now trying to set it back up again? If so, maybe deploy a fresh instance and throw in the same values apart from the actual from email.

  • Staff

    @vova As @d19dotca said, all cloudron apps (including unmanaged WP) are pre-setup to send email, you don't have to configure anything or install any plugin. In fact, it might start working, if you removed your custom email plugin. Can you check?

  • @vova also, check your spam folder 😉