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    We probably won't merge it into Cloudron itself but as a stand alone project which is packaged for Cloudron, we have no problems. Happy to publish it in our App Store as well (but it has to be a stand alone project like the rest of the apps we package).

  • App Dev

    @girish what do you think of implementing the 'read only' token permission for apps like this so they can automatically display a list of installed Cloudron apps without user intervention?

  • @thetomester13 Very nice work!

    Seems like an app to me, perhaps call it "Start Page", similar to:

    I'd like the links to open in a new window/tab, the ability to adjust icon size, number of columns, and additional non-cloudron links.

    I like the Start Page feature in Vivaldi for inspiration:

    Not a fan of frame scrollbars or hidden features, would prefer just to have it as a URL where they are always shown,, something like that we can give to users to set as their browser home page with a search bar for a selection of search engines and cloudron itself.

  • @thetomester13
    I don't think this is required, as users cannot install and manage apps, only admins can. That means that during the App install there can be a user selection for who it's for by an admin which injects their profile/API key into the app and installs it, becoming the default of what a non-admin user sees at their URL. Login only required per App.

    Use of Rambox or WebCatalog can do something similar on the desktop, saving the need for crating entries for all the separate apps but just for their 'homepage' / startpage.

  • App Dev

    @marcusquinn thanks! I am trying to keep the project relatively simple so I don't want to get too deep into features. It is worth noting though that the original Homepage app does support opening links in new tabs. I could see a feature on the Cloudron app where it's an all-or-nothing boolean - all links will open in a new tab, or all links will open in the same tab. I also could see supporting non-Cloudron app links, and potentially number of columns. The way I see it, the icons should possibly adjust automatically based on the number of columns (again, this is a bit of the complexity I'm trying to avoid with a KISS app). The search bar I've also purposefully avoided this whole time, but I'm open to suggestions. It's also worth noting that you are free to create PR's into the Github repo if you want to contribute!

    @robi that's an interesting point. Only admins are installing new applications indeed, but still, I'm not sure that all admins are capable or comfortable with going to an app's terminal, vim'ing (is that a verb??) the config file and adding in an API key. That being said, it's probably a good enough start for now, and could potentially revisit if/when @girish or @nebulon decide to add such a feature.

  • Have you seen DashMachine?

    Sounds like right up your alley!

  • App Dev

    @robi definitely looks like another good candidate for a Cloudron Theme app!

  • @girish Damn, I just had a flash of a dashboard like this with centralized notifications widgets from different installed apps..imagine seeing emails, mastodon notifs, calendar events,task etc..all from one single space, in a self hosted cloudron 🙂

  • App Dev

    I just updated the Homepage Cloudron app such that you can feed it an array of custom_links that will render on the dashboard. You can also set ordinal's on both the custom links and Cloudron apps so you can reorder the links to your liking. Also, an open_links_in_new_tab option now exists if you prefer to have all the links open in a new tab instead of the current one.

    I think this is in a mostly solid state and will try to come up with some tests for it for potential publishing in the Cloudron App Store.

    As always, feedback welcome!

  • @thetomester13 Can one just select a colour for the background? (always dark for me)

  • @marcusquinn said in Potential Cloudron Theme/Dashboard:

    @thetomester13 Can one just select a colour for the background? (always dark for me)

    I've not tried this (not any custom app) yet, but I think you can upload a background image of your choice, so it could be a dark one. Although you probably mean background colour of app links etc?

  • App Dev

    @jdaviescoates that's correct! (Totally forgot about that feature and had to check my documentation 😅) one can plug in a custom_url for a background image.

    That being said, I like the idea of simply choosing a color for the background so will take a look at implementing something like that soon hopefully. @marcusquinn until then feel free to use the custom_url!

  • App Dev

    Just got some basic tests up and running for Homepage! You can find the repo here. It packages version 0.9.6 of homepage-cloudron. I hope to soon add a background color option to the config as well for the more minimalist crowd.

    @girish what do you think the chances are of publishing this on the store?