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SOLVED Feature request: Change colour code of Mail page when it lists all domains

  • Quick feature request: Change the colour codes in the Mail page for domains. If a domain is set for "Outbound only", it shouldn't be red as at least to me red means misconfigured or on a blacklist / wrong DNS, etc. Maybe it could be just a different (lighter) shade of green? Or at least a change to yellow if we're talking just "street light" colours... although yellow to me also means I need to double check something, so I'm not sure if yellow is the right colour to use. Maybe blue? But definitely not red. 😛

    We should only be using red for "critical issue" or "error" or "misconfiguration", that type of thing. My two cents. 🙂

    As you can see from my screenshots, I have many domains I manage, and everytime I see red my heart skips a beat. lol.


  • 👍 for Blue

  • @d19dotca
    I have one "Outbound only" domain and several two-way domains --- they are all green, so I don't have the problem.

  • @Hillside502 Oh yes, I actually just realized late last night that a couple of them were in fact not set properly with the DNS records. I meant to update this thread but forgot because it was so late. This thread can basically be ignored or marked as resolved. A little embarrassed that I didn’t realize this before I bothered posting. haha.

  • Nice! We all do it!

  • Staff

    Awesome this got resolved on it's own 🙂