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DNS Made Easy - high-performance (paid) DNS service

  • Sometimes a paid service is better for support and we do get the odd issues with Cloudflare free, and the Pro & Business pricing is a bit much in comparison.

    DNS Made Easy is a well-ranked specialist. Paid. Yes. Supported. Yes.

  • Got a few domains on this now - any chance I can sponsor this development to help get it justified sooner?

  • Staff

    Has a nice API as well - . Is dnsperf and dnsmadeasy the same company?

    @marcusquinn We have do this after Cloudron 6, we are already neck deep in new features 🙂

  • @girish Fair enough - what you're doing already is amazing - very happy to have joined the party and seeing it all grow and evolve so will do all I can to promote you on my web travels too as I have been in a few Discord servers and on my own website where I'll write up some articles too.

    DNSPerf I think is just an independent monitor of lots of popular DNS services for performance comparison. You never really know if they have any paid manipulation but it looks roughly in-line with our experience for the providers we know of.

    Yeah, DNS Made Easy control panel is super retro but they specialise in what they do, prices are reasonable for the level of expertise they offer, performance and reliability seem to look good from independent reviews - and we just need simple alternatives to Cloudflare (not as reliable in practice as we'd hoped and no errors to work with) & Route53 (convoluted admin).

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