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Backup failed: Task 39 timed out.

  • My backups are failing to complete with the error task 39 timed out. I'm using Wasabi and have about 300GB backup size. It always fails at a little less than 83%.

  • Staff

    Do you have an idea how long that task ran before timing out? The current task timeout should be set to 12h, maybe that is not enough in your case?

  • Who know if this is related, but I had backups start failing a little while ago. I turned off a few apps that seemed to be culprits, and narrowed it down by running backups. If it failed, I turned off another app until it succeeded. Then I turned back on those apps to see which would trigger the fail. Long story short, I tracked it down to some images in a Wordpress Uploads directory, deleted those images, added the app back onto the Backup list, and then it worked. If I remember correctly it had something to do with a corrupted jpeg/jpg/JPG/JPEG (the suffixes matter, sometimes). Anyways, it is a hassle but you might have to do similar sleuthing. This is one reason I use another 'cloud-' service, The free tier has been perfect.

  • @nebulon that's probably it. It seems like it's happening right around 12 hours. Is there a setting I can change for the timeout?

  • Staff

    @zjuhasz It's hardcoded. For now, you can edit /home/yellowtent/box/src/backups.js . In line 1217 it says

            tasks.startTask(taskId, { timeout: 12 * 60 * 60 * 1000 /* 12 hours */ }, function (error, backupId) {

    Change the above time to say 20 hours or something

            tasks.startTask(taskId, { timeout: 20 * 60 * 60 * 1000 /* 20 hours */ }, function (error, backupId) {

    After changing, do a sudo systemctl restart box.

    (I am looking for a better fix to this in Cloudron 5.5)

  • @girish OK, just finished backup after changing the timeout value and it's not timing out anymore but I am getting a new error. I put in *** instead of the long encrypted app name.

    Error uploading backup/snapshot/app.***.tar.gz.enc. Message: Part number must be an integer between 1 and 10000, inclusive HTTP Code: InvalidArgument

  • @zjuhasz Shouldn't it just be backup/snapshot/app.*.tar.gz.enc (one asterisk)?

  • Staff

    I am guessing this is because of the large file size (> 5GB is the S3 limit) and we do a multi-part upload and Wasabi is unable to handle it. Can you check with them how many parts of a multi-part upload they support? And what part size they recommend? We have to then find out if they are capable of handling 300GB files as well.

  • @girish Seems to be the same <5GB part size and 1000 part limit. They support some other mechanisms though not included in s3 composing objects and appending to objects. Why is Cloudron is going over 1000 5GB parts on a 300GB upload?

    I don't have any particular preference for Wasabi though I just chose them because they were the cheapest I could find and I'm expecting my backups to get quite large over time. While we investigate Wasabi could you recommend a storage provider? The one that is the most well tested. Would it be Amazon?

  • @zjuhasz Guessing that all the S£ compatible providers may all have the same limits. We have 120TB on Wasabi with other systems and always been happy with Backblaze B2 too, also S3 compatible and Cloudron integrated and tested now (I only tested smaller though) if that helps.