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    To give a short update from my side, with the information already posted here, I was able to get the box (the main Cloudron controller process) up and running on the Pi 4 as well as successfully install Cloudron as such. I have only just started on the base image and the other addons, so any patches here are welcome.

    To collect the changes, I am creating arm64 branches in the relevant repos, for example and

    On top of this, I am trying to implement a better provisioning workflow for development, this is similar to the hotfix, so it is still aimed towards developers porting stuff to arm. More info on this later.

  • @nebulon So quickly! Nice work.

    I want to convert my app to run on ARM so I'll be getting the same board you got to verify the OpenVPN Client and all of its features are able to work in an ARM environment.

    This is so cool, love ARM.

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    Well it really remains to be seen how powerful such a board is to run common apps through docker 😉

  • @nebulon True, but even if it could run 1. Not even that well, imagine a future with the Rasberry Pi 8. ARM CPUs are getting insane.

  • App Dev

    @nebulon said in Cloudron on a Raspberry pi?:

    Well it really remains to be seen how powerful such a board is to run common apps through docker 😉

    I'm running like 4 containers on my Raspberry pi at home, it's super smooth, and it's only a RPi 2 ! The RPi 4 is gonna be more than capable of running a few apps for home usage I think 🙂

  • @nebulon Great work!

    I got really caught up with work and personal stuff over the last weeks, so I was not able to keep on working.

    On most addon repos, I was creating arm64 branches as well, but most of them were just a matter of changing the base image to not have the hash. I was using cloudron/baseimage and building it on the pi itself before trying to install cloudron, so I had it tagged locally with that name, and others wouldn't download from docker hub, using the local arm64 one instead.

    I'll search for any changes I have made over here, but they're not a lot.

    I'll post a suymmary tonight.

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    @malvim right, it was same route for me then. I have just managed to get all addons and nextcloud to run. The notes here about mongodb were helpful!

    Overall I don't think it will be included in the next release though, maybe as something experimental, but while we have a proof-of-concept now, it will still take quite some time to actually make it proper and of course all apps have to be rebuilt...

  • @nebulon Let me know when you send are finished with your branch (and how we'd build it differently) and I'll make sure my OpenVPN Client is ready!

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    @lonk Can you make a new post for the VPN Client with the current status? I would like to discuss a bit whether it should be part of the Cloudron box code or an app.

  • @girish On it.