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How did everyone discover Cloudron?

  • @subven Nice, as Elon Musk knows with Tesla, the best marketing is the product itself, they don't advertise so all resources go into what they offer. I think the best marketing for Cloudron is this community, hence I like to see what I can do with reviews, star-ratings, Tweets etc. More people can easily own their data the better IMHO.

  • I'll definitely be writing about Cloudron very positively based on such quick and intelligent responses from the staff and the product as a whole being wonderfully designed. I love working with it. ☺

  • @Lonk And one of the most open developments I've had the pleasure of working with. Features are considered, debated and implemented.

    Bugs are worked through calmly in collaboration and support for other people's apps and problems is as good as for the platform itself, with equal treatment to technical and non-technical users. Certainly a deserving happy place in my setup.

  • Yeah, and this NodeBB platform is actually a pleasure to use (on Desktop at least) for us to follow and discuss only the topics / categories we choose. The staff / developers (the two of them?) are very involved which makes for a great community. ☺

  • Staff

    We are going to steal many of the comments in this thread for our testimonials 🙂 Thanks for all the nice words!

  • I discovered Cloudron through my hosting provider Netcup. I tried the free version, was very pleased with the ease of use for setting up domains, subdomains and especially email (which was a lot of headache when I tried setting up on my own). Went back to self-managing my server... then purchased Cloudron premium when I was sick of wasting so much of my (free) time when setting up projects for friends. Now I'm happy ever since :-)! The killer feature for me is the external backup. So quick and easy to set up! Big thank you to the team and the maintainers!

  • I was a big fan of Yunohost (still am for personal use) and with @ruihildt we were looking for a more stable/professional approach to self hosting, the moment my friend Rui found cloudron I was instantly interested, we launched a pro-bono consulting non-profit business based on cloudron for little organisations & non profits (we still run it) and since then I have moved 2 decades of web presence, different domains, different needs back to our cloudron and I'm not ever going back to shared-hosting neither for personal or professional reasons if I can avoid it !

    I learned so much with cloudron now I can't stop sharing it on the fediverse, but also to entrepreneurs, startups, schools, anything that wants to reclaim their hosting power and still have a very friendly solution to handle a lot of tedious things that Cloudron turned into a huge facility to operate and for that I'm eternally grateful for Cloudron and its community !

  • I feel like Cloudron's strap-line should be: "For an appy private life." 😁

  • About 5 years ago A friend showed me the Awesome Self Hosted list: & I went down the rabbit hole 😁✌💙+1

  • I was always hosting my own things since the first linux install back in the early 90s. When I came across Sandstorm I thought it was the bees knees, but it was far from pleasant to use with all the rough security and then the project shutdown! (for a while).

    I actually called up the founder since I knew of him, and had a chat about it.. he was rearranging his life as he went to work for Cloudflare.

    Shortly after I found Cloudron and haven't had to look back at anything else.

    I even had @girish give a presentation on the mighty Cloudron at our meetup BayLISA. It was very impressive.

    SO in some small way I am responsible for infecting a bunch of BayLISA members with the Cloudron bug and run 3 different Cloudrons myself spanning hundreds of domains now. Go Cloudron.

  • I just messages someone about the Cloudron forum and liked my quote on it too much not to share:

    "One of the most positive and proactive communities I've joined. It's like a System Admin's therapy group 😂 "

  • @marcusquinn Nah, that sounds like what the others would use! Cloudron works too awesomely well all the time to have a light-hearted strapline. But I can't think of any other at the moment. Oh well.

  • @scooke Agreed, doesn't need a strapline, was just a bit of fun.

    I like that the name Cloudron reminds me of the film Tron. We're all uploaded now 🙂

  • I realized today that I never answered this question. It's because I was looking for a VPS panel with an OpenVPN Client. Which I'm not sure honestly exists after my research. But it sure does now! Love Cloudron sm.

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