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Minio backup fails for no reason

  • Hello,

    I have configured backups with Minio and it worked perfectly for weeks.

    But it does no longer work. I think the problem started after an update, but I am not sure. As far as I understand from the logs (both from Cloudron and Minio sides) Cloudron tries to copy to Minio bucket a multipart archive and it fails. And Minio log says Cloudron tries to rename and/or copy a file that does not exist (yet, I guess).

    Abstract from Cloudron log :

    Unable to backup { BoxError: Error copying crsav_/snapshot/app_f0770611-2970-4e86-9047-0260e0297b79.tar.gz.enc (35961955060 bytes): XMLParserError XMLParserError: Unexpected close tag\nLine: 5\nColumn: 7\nChar: >' }

    Abstract from Minio log :

    Error: rename /data/.minio.sys/tmp/057fd8e5-234e-4e99-abe9-4ddb96796b34/e4b6158e-b4f5-4afc-8bb2-08e63228e618.2ff401ac-895f-43f9-aa2a-e40e9b862aef.9 /data/.minio.sys/multipart/caa122a8292342e6d4f7592bf3aed821c15f88ae471d458b70474d192b99be02/e4b6158e-b4f5-4afc-8bb2-08e63228e618/00009.0d55bc9f9c910f5b64049580ba387d34.1073741824: no such file or directory
           1: net/http/server.go:2007:http.HandlerFunc.ServeHTTP()

    Thank you,

  • Staff

    @thibaud Do you have a guesstimate of what is the size of that file? Also, in the backup configuration, do you minio or s3 compatible as the provider? Can you also post a screenshot of Backups -> configure -> advanced settings (just the bottom part of the advanced settings screenshot).

  • @girish I have no idea. I understand the backup fails when it comes to Nextcloud. So basically, the file is large.

    Backup conf is on Minio.


    Are those settings new ? I am pretty sure I have never seen them. I guess they have something to do with my problem...

  • Staff

    @thibaud said in Minio backup fails for no reason:

    So basically, the file is large

    You can check this from the graphs maybe as to how much the app consumes? It's under System view.

    Are those settings new ?

    Yes, new in 5.4 and 5.5

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