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SOLVED Panic: user deleted an important email folder ... (how I solved it)

  • Just got a phonecall of a user, an email folder of 2020 with thousands of emails was accidentally deleted and was not in the 'deleted items'.

    Couldn't find a quick solution on search engines, so tried it the 'keep it stupid simple way':

    1. In my SCP app left pane I went to the server, up into the users' mailbox (no 2020 folder!)
    2. In my SCP app right pane I went to the minio backup server (backup just 1 hour old), up into the users' mailbox (there is a 2020 folder)
    3. "Simply" copied all the 2020 (sub)folders from right to left
    4. After a few seconds the user saw the folders again in Roundcube but ... the file/folder permissions were not good
    5. Restarted the mail service in Cloudron and guess what?!
    6. It's all back and working!

    Good to know for all of you if someone calls 😉

  • This is how it works 👍 Just in case someone does not know where cloudron stores mails:

  • Staff

    And for those using tgz backup, you can just extract the box_*.tar.gz and it will have a directory named mail inside it.

  • We may want to consider adding something like this to the documentation - I can attempt that if you'd like.

  • Staff

    @d19dotca Sure, will be happy to accept the change. I guess somewhere in the Backups docs?