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SOLVED Dashboard Filter: Backups Disabled

  • Hi,

    I have a handful of apps that I elected not to back up automatically and it would be nice to have an option to group them to make it easier when I'm creating the backups manually.



  • @humptydumpty I definitely support this feature request. In case you weren’t aware though, any backups disabled are noted on the actual Backups page. That was something I requested a long time ago and they implemented so we could quickly see what wasn’t being backed up.

  • App Dev

    This would also be acceptable from the backup settings view, imo, if there was a button that just showed a popup of what would and what wouldn't be covered by the automatic backups, for example. More useful in my head, since that's usually where I am when I'm trying to figure that out, but either (maybe both?) would probably be sufficient.

  • @d19dotca That's good to know. I retract my feature request in that case.

  • Staff

    For those checking this later, the apps that have automatic backups are disabled are listed in the Backups view (under Location).