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Calibre Web

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  • Calibre Web - Package Updates

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    Update Calibre to 6.27.0
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    @girish said in Calibre not able to write on mounted (cifs) volume:

    @odie so, just to take a step back. If we ignore all this CIFS stuff ...

    On Cloudron the library is at /app/data/library by default. This maps to the host path at /home/yellowtent/appsdata/<appid>/data/library (might want to double check this path). Is that path not enough to sync via ssh?

    Thanks. I've been moderately successful with this.

    I can sync using rsync and the -rz (and rzv, rzP) flags.

    The syntax I use is:

    rsync -rz /CIFSshare/ /home/yellowtent/appsdata/<appid>/data/library

    This way, I manage to sync from the CIFS mount to the /home/yellowtent/appsdata/<appid>/data/library folder. Calibre-web now runs with a writeable database.

    Two minor problems with this:

    using the -r option, everything syncs on every subsequent execution of the command (ie all files are copied from the CIFSshare) using the -a option instead of -r, the database would be writeable on first sync. But using the -a option resulted in a locked db on second, third etc. run.

    The bigger problem is this:
    When I use rsync, changes I make on the Cloudron/calibre-web app are not synced back to the NAS folder. So basically, this leaves me to lose edits made via Calibre-web on Cloudron every time I update the library from one of the clients (since local changes on Cloudron calibre-web are not synced to the CIFS share). Relying on a manual sync after every library update on Calibre-web is next to impossible (I often read on my mobile devices, and I like to edit metadata while reading).

    So basically, it almost appears safer to keep the library on a read-only CIFSshare...

  • Not able to write on mounted volume

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    I have this same problem. The Calibre database mount is treated as read only, despite being read+write in both my "volumes" window (I mount as CIFS in Cloudron, and the folder is both readable and writeable in the file explorer), and as read+write in the calibre web app locations setting.

    When trying to upload a file to the database, I get an error message "Oops! Database Error: database is locked." in the Calibre app, and the following output from the error log:

    Sep 10 20:06:09[2023-09-10 18:06:09,560] DEBUG {cps.uploader:261} Temporary file: /tmp/calibre_web/d7303b9d1838487ba3d8f808792aa2c8 Sep 10 20:06:09[2023-09-10 18:06:09,804] ERROR {cps.helper:560} Rename title from /tmp/calibre_web/d7303b9d1838487ba3d8f808792aa2c8 to /media/CalibreLib/Unknown/[00-test]testaddcmx (614) failed with error: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted Sep 10 20:06:14(Background on this error at: Sep 10 20:06:14[2023-09-10 18:06:14,858] ERROR {cps.editbooks:304} Database error: (sqlite3.OperationalError) database is locked

    From the terminal (Calibreweb terminal when cd'ing /media), owners and permissions are listed like this:

    root@3590754a-5015-4c95-a587-3048aa867498:/media# ls -al total 8 drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 4096 Sep 9 12:26 . drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 4096 Sep 9 12:26 .. drwxrwxrwx 2 998 998 0 Sep 10 18:06 CalibreLib

    Additionally, I also have the same problem as described in this folder (the database location is not stored persistent):

    Even if the app is not updated, it resets folder location after every nightly backup, it seems.

    My Cloudron is v7.5.2 and the Calibre Web App is running the latest version.

    Any ideas on how to troubleshoot and fix these two errors?


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    (moved from separate thread)

    So, I had a different post asking if using Google Drive would work, then went ahead to try anyway. I followed this guide:

    It worked! For about 10 days. Now, suddenly, the app can't see the Google Drive. Anyone have any idea what happened?

    And, the drop-down menu where you can choose the GDrive folder doesn't work, so it seems it might be a Cloudron-related issue?


  • Can't create users called guest

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    So the "guest" user is already used internally for anonymous access

  • Can't change admin email

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    Just tried this again with latest version and email change works now.

  • LDAP import

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    LDAP was removed from the package.

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    We have removed LDAP, so will close this thread for now.

  • Thumbnail cache not writeable?

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    Is there any more info on this and can someone reproduce this?

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    Latest package version has both backend and frontend updated now. We had to remove the anyways not working LDAP though. See

  • Logo in Dashboard

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    @nebulon indeed this one is 👌

  • Reset Calibre user password

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    Realised that maybe I should do some research !
    Documentation is not immediately obvious but the following works.
    From the app terminal ...

    cd /app/data/calibre-web python3 /app/code/calibre-web/ -s user:pwd -p app.db Password for user 'user' changed

    And I'm back in !

    Some other info :

  • How do I add custom css on calibre-web?

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    @andirahmat Files/source code on cloudron is read-only. This is to make sure updates are smooth. You will have to contact upstream to make them customizable across updates.

  • Errors during installation - Directory and Column

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    This should be fixed now, I have pushed a new package. Thanks @BrutalBirdie

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    @bubonicfred yeah, it's a docker hub issue. people are getting sporadic 404's on many app images. Retrying seems to work.

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    @jdaviescoates said in Cloudron say app is running, but there is an Internal Server Error:

    I think this is perhaps somehow related to Volumes because I was just able to recreate it.

    It was.

    I looked at the File Manager for the Volume and spotted that some folders and the metadata.db were owned by root instead of Cloudron.

    I started changing them one by one via the File Manager but that was tiresome so I open the Web Terminal and ran:

    chown -R cloudron:cloudron /library

    That fixed the issue on another test I installed, but didn't resolve the issue with my initial install. So I just kept the next test install and moved it which is now working again 🙂 (well, working in a unstable and outdated state 😉 )

    I'm pretty sure the issue was created when I rsync'd up a load more books to the Hetzner Storage Box where the Volume actually lives. I'd forgotten that I need to do the chown thing afterwards (and now I'm wondering if I can edit my rsync command to stop me having to chown afterwards...)

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    @jdaviescoates then that was the solution 🙂

  • Calibre Web 0.6.10 released

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    0.6.11 is out @nebulon @girish

    New features:
    Swipe support for reader
    Logging of failed opds accesses
    Automatic conversion to kepub on kobo sync
    Webp format to comic reader supported formats
    Title is no longer shortened on book page

    Bug Fixes:
    Chinese character language texts are no longer shown for english locale
    logging on database error
    Filepicker option
    reverse proxy login working again
    Detection of invalid email addresses for registering

  • Calibre Web database location is not stored persistent

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    @imc67 Need to write tests and better LDAP integration. The upstream author told me he would accept a PR, so I just need to learn some python and find some time to code it.

  • Uploading multiple folders not possible

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    I guess now they'll be a 5.6.5 🙂