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  • How can I block email addresses in catch all?

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    @andreasdueren said in How can I block email addresses in catch all?:

    I thought these addresses are only checked for in the from fiel not the to?

    No, to the best of my knowledge it applies to any addresses in the mail. In any case this is how I prevent these kind mails from popping up in my mailbox.

    @subven said in How can I block email addresses in catch all?:

    via a mail sieve filter

    That could work as well, but another mailbox is not necessary. You can just filter on the recipient address.

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    @necrevistonnezr not sure about Roundcube as I moved over to SnappyMail, but I think it is similar.
    Under Filters you can add a sieve script (maybe they call it 'custom')

    And yes I think discard with message is equivalent. But not an expert.

    Due to the excellent spamassassin rules posted here by @d19dotca, I am not needing to use sieve in SnappyMail. But here is the script which I use in Protonmail. The from can be changed to to I guess.

    NB : I put the reject part of the rule before the spam test. Arguably I should have a return after the reject - not sure why I did not do that.

    require ["include", "environment", "variables", "relational", "comparator-i;ascii-numeric", "spamtest", "reject", "fileinto", "imap4flags"]; if address :contains "from" ["", ""] { reject "Spam"; } if spamtest :value "ge" :comparator "i;ascii-numeric" "5" { fileinto "spam"; } if exists "list-unsubscribe" { addflag "\\List"; } # Generated: Do not run this script on spam messages if allof (environment :matches "vnd.proton.spam-threshold" "*", spamtest :value "ge" :comparator "i;ascii-numeric" "${1}") { return; }
  • Catchall for multiple domains

    Solved Feature Requests
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    @girish said in Catchall for multiple domains:

    @d19dotca Wouldn't you create a single mailbox called say admin@ and then put your standard addresses as aliases of that mailbox?

    Ah, I forgot you can add other domains as aliases now, so yes I suppose in my case I could use my main email address at my own domain and add in aliases of postmaster and webmaster and abuse and hostmaster for each domain from the same window, this would definitely save a little bit of time as I couldn't need to add from each domain page individually. Ideally though it'd be great to have some of those standard ones just be auto-created for example and setting it to one email or something since those emails are generally required for proper RFC compliance.

    I'll work in the meantime on migrating from the old system I had to the new system. I created those before the multi-domain email aliases was added. 😉

  • Bi-Directional 'Catch All' Emails

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    @girish I think the key point here is that simplelogin is self-hostable!

    So we can have this cake and eat it too! 🍰 😋

    I'll add it to the app request list here.

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    Indeed, currently catch-all has to have the feature to set mailboxes across domains (like aliases).