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    @necrevistonnezr Thank's a lot, but app seems not manage two account on the same domain.

    In my case, I use the rss.mydomain.tld with two users:

    Personal use (with personal feeds) Working use (with working feeds)

    When I try to configure two different accounts on Reeder, pointing on the same rss.mydomain.tld, app tell: "Impossibile to add account because you have similar one".

    So for now I'm using Tiny Tiny Rss + Fiery Feeds app, even if Fiery Feeds is full of bug and unstable.

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    @girish Looks like I cannot test it in the demo environment - it won't let me setup the calendar.
    The issue I am having now is that the Apple calendar creates another calendar instead of syncing the existing personal calendar. It seems to work for other calendars in the account.

    Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 13.37.24.png

    Any mac user here who can share their config?

  • Nextcloud and macOS

    Solved Nextcloud
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    My problem seems to stem from incorrectly thinking Nextcloud calendars and contacts use Push, but they use Fetch and the default schedule on Macs and iOS devices is 15 minutes.

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    @necrevistonnezr said in How does spam work with special mail folders?:

    @girish Wouldn't it make sense to create hardlinks instead of symlinks for these folders so that you don't have duplicate folders? Ar am I overlooking something?

    The cloudron backup logic does not understand hardlinks. It would then end up taking backup of your junk folder twice. This is unlike symlinks which is ignored by the backup code. Neither the symlink nor the contents of a symlink are backed up.

    This does bring up an important point that if you move your mail server to a different server, you have to remember to create this symlink by hand again!