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How does spam work with special mail folders?

  • It seems the Cloudron mail server automatically creates the following folders:

    • INBOX
    • Sent
    • Drafts
    • Archive
    • Trash
    • Spam

    However, iOS and macOS (as well as supposedly the RFC specifications itself) seems to prefer the name "Junk" instead of "Spam", so when I connect my iOS device to my mail account it then creates a Junk folder and uses that automatically as where it deems junk mail to go to, and doesn't use the Spam folder it seems. I know this can be customized on macOS but it doesn't seem this is possible on iOS, so the commonality would be to then use the Junk folder it creates.

    The above is really just a long way to get to my question... if I choose to use a folder named Junk for junk/spam mail instead of the Spam folder created by Cloudron by default, will the spam-filtering software on Cloudron still know to look at the Junk folder (if set as a system folder in say Rainloop or something) for junk to analyze and learn from, or is it configured to only look at the Spam folder created by default?

    Hopefully the above makes sense, I probably made it overly confusing. lol. Sorry in advance if I did.

    tl;dr = I can get around the non-standard method of default folder names, but more focused right now with how spam filtering will learn from spam messages if it's only configured to look at one folder in particular and not the Junk one created and used by iOS when marking a message as junk.''

    EDIT: I have now observed that if I try to use the Junk folder as the system spam/junk folder in both macOS and iOS, and then try to delete the auto-generated Spam folder, it recreates itself immediately. This makes me assume the Spam folder is required and is the only one used by SpamAssassin for categorizing/learning from junk mail. This, however, makes it a bit difficult to use with iOS Mail app in particular as it doesn't allow customizing which folder is the junk folder, it just creates one if one doesn't exist that's already called Junk. I can work around this by "moving" to Spam instead of "marking as junk" where it moves it to the special junk folder, but this isn't ideal. Though certainly livable.

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    @d19dotca Thanks for the details! Let us get back by testing it out on a Mac.

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