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standard notes - storage server component

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    from the request form

  • Looks like there's a way to self-host with docker:

  • Looks like one can self host both the server sync piece and the web app piece. @nebulon Is there a way to expose 2 ports for a packaged app? I'm envisioning both of these packaged together, one port exposing the server side for 3rd party clients to connect to, and port 80/443 for the web app.

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    Is the sync port a non-http port? Any number of TCP/UDP ports can be exposed but only one http port can be exposed (i.e accessible via the browser). I assume sync port doesn't need any browser access, so it will work.

    This is how apps like gitlab/kopano etc work. They expose multiple ports.

  • @girish I believe it's a non-http port, yes. I've been through the docs so many times before and can't believe I missed the tcpPorts and udpPorts in the Manifest file 😂 looks like that's a solid starting point!

  • @girish when packaging both repos together, I'm trying to use the tcpPorts for the syncing server, but keep getting this error in the logs when I try to interact with it through the app:
    HTTP parse error, malformed request (): #<Puma::HttpParserError: Invalid HTTP format, parsing fails.>
    I'm assuming this means that the syncing server does in fact need HTTP traffic coming through, not simply TCP. You mentioned there's only 1 http port that can be exposed per Cloudron app, do you see any way to accomplish this besides splitting the server piece and front end piece into 2 Cloudron apps?

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    @thetomester13 Is there a repo for me to try it myself? I can't make out what the problem might be from the error.

  • @girish yep, should've included that in the previous post...
    This is the main repo I've been working from. I've been trying to package both the sync-server and web repo's in here, but the server isn't working properly the second I move it from port 3000 (which is declared in the Manifest). I forget in what state this is in at the moment, but I know that commit 8b31274fd32a430616adee81ea9a2ecb15a133b4 and the initial commit have the server up and running properly.
    Once I realized the tcpPorts might be the issue, I also created this repo which only packages the web app, this works successfully.
    It's not the end of the world if they're not in the same repo, I have it working locally with the 2 repos talking to one another, but it would be quite nice if they could be packaged together 🙂

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