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standard notes - storage server component

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    from the request form

  • Looks like there's a way to self-host with docker:

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    Looks like one can self host both the server sync piece and the web app piece. @nebulon Is there a way to expose 2 ports for a packaged app? I'm envisioning both of these packaged together, one port exposing the server side for 3rd party clients to connect to, and port 80/443 for the web app.

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    Is the sync port a non-http port? Any number of TCP/UDP ports can be exposed but only one http port can be exposed (i.e accessible via the browser). I assume sync port doesn't need any browser access, so it will work.

    This is how apps like gitlab/kopano etc work. They expose multiple ports.

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    @girish I believe it's a non-http port, yes. I've been through the docs so many times before and can't believe I missed the tcpPorts and udpPorts in the Manifest file 😂 looks like that's a solid starting point!

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    @girish when packaging both repos together, I'm trying to use the tcpPorts for the syncing server, but keep getting this error in the logs when I try to interact with it through the app:
    HTTP parse error, malformed request (): #<Puma::HttpParserError: Invalid HTTP format, parsing fails.>
    I'm assuming this means that the syncing server does in fact need HTTP traffic coming through, not simply TCP. You mentioned there's only 1 http port that can be exposed per Cloudron app, do you see any way to accomplish this besides splitting the server piece and front end piece into 2 Cloudron apps?

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    @thetomester13 Is there a repo for me to try it myself? I can't make out what the problem might be from the error.

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    @girish yep, should've included that in the previous post...
    This is the main repo I've been working from. I've been trying to package both the sync-server and web repo's in here, but the server isn't working properly the second I move it from port 3000 (which is declared in the Manifest). I forget in what state this is in at the moment, but I know that commit 8b31274fd32a430616adee81ea9a2ecb15a133b4 and the initial commit have the server up and running properly.
    Once I realized the tcpPorts might be the issue, I also created this repo which only packages the web app, this works successfully.
    It's not the end of the world if they're not in the same repo, I have it working locally with the 2 repos talking to one another, but it would be quite nice if they could be packaged together 🙂

  • Hi all, is there any news/development on bringing Standard Notes to Cloudron? @thetomester13 Is the repo at the state I can test/try it out? 🙏

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    @ei8fdb your post could not be more timely! I've actually just started taking a look at this again after a while and was able to clean up the repo a bit. In short, yes! Feel free to check it out here. It should spin up a StandardNotes sync server, automatically configured for email and MySQL. It has its own user management, as all notes are encrypted using your password.

    There is also the Web app repo, but it's on an older version until I can take a deeper look at some of the changes to the package. In the meantime, you can also the official Web app and simply input your sync server URL.

    The one thing to note, I'm actually working on enabling the Extensions as part of the sync server package (by 'working on', I mean plan on and think I know how to go about implementing). I hope to have this implemented before the end of the year, but don't have a timeline for it yet.

  • By coincidence I was reading about this today. I couldn't tell if all the extensions were available for community?

    If they are, it looks like a fair amount of Notion features covered by those:

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    @marcusquinn the extensions are available to the community and for self hosting, though it's recommended to support StandardNotes. That being said, Notion is a completely different app that fills a different niche. It's also not open sourced.

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    I've been using a self hosted standardnotes instance for a few weeks and it gives me mixed feelings.

    First of all, its a plaintext notepad. Everything is stored as raw plain text, there are some editors that give you a wysiwyg editor that stores text as markdown. is a nice editor, but for the first week it was broken to me after modifying a note with another editor.

    The webapp is not offline capable. It will continue to work when you have it open when going offline, but won't start without an active connection to the server.

    Its not collaborative. There is no way to share a note in a way that another user can also edit it and you see the changes. You cannot even link/bookmark to notes yourself. Even with the same user on multiple devices its sometimes difficult, I had it happen a few times that I was working on a note on my first device left it open, made a quick edit on a second device. when just continuing in the same note on my primary some of the changes get "lost" (its still in the revision can be restored, but that can be tedious on large notes).

    Their filters/labels are a bit strange and you need to know their syntax to use them (no wizards, few useful presets, you need to delete and recreate and cannot change them).

    You are really only limited to text. No possibility to easily add images or other file types. In their hosted offering they have a "file safe" but that is yet another service required for it and this only relays data which would still need to be stored in webdav/dropbox/google drive. Because of this its unlikely that it would ever get pen input support. At least not in the like of e.g. evernote or onenote.

    I want to like it, but at the same time need something with a few more features. A cross between this, codimd and with offline capability would be nice. (with a cherry on top if that would also support pen input)

  • @fbartels sounds like 👎

    Have you tried TiddlyRoam?

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    @robi i have used tiddlywiki ages ago. Looking at it's current state it's syntax looks weird. My preference would be markdown instead of learning a syntax of it's own.

  • @fbartels That is possible via a plugin aparently:

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    @fbartels I agree that StandardNotes is not the end all notes solution, but I haven't found that yet...

    I'm switching over from Automattic's SimpleNote and this is a great self hosted, fully encrypted alternative for my personal notes. In fact, with some of the Extensions that are available, this will enable some great and welcomed functionality on my end, such as Task Lists, themes, and Markdown syntax among others. For shared lists I'm hoping to see Vikunja be packaged in the near future.