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[Suggestion] Server-Wide Database Manager and File Browser

  • Hi,

    For Cloudron to be really useful to Web developers, I believe it needs to offer a way to manage all databases and files (Docker volumes, i.e. /app/data) on the server. For example, WordPress developers like to edit theme files directly through SFTP or a Web File Manager.

    I know the LAMP app supports SFTP and phpMyAdmin but it is restricted only to this app (not able to manage the WordPress app for example).

    The ideal way would be to integrate these features directly in the admin dashboard (like the Terminal), with the added important advantage of 2FA integration (missing in LAMP app).

    Good candidates are phpMyAdmin (DB), (Web File Manager) and SFTP server with TOTP module... but the two first are PHP applications so not compatible with the current Node.js based dashboard so I'm not too sure how we could work this out. I've seen some ways to apparently run PHP through Node.js but more investigation would be needed.

    I'm ready to help if there is interest. Happy to hear your thoughts, thanks! 🙂

  • Staff

    @gabrielcossette Thanks for the suggestion! We actually investigated this a couple of releases back and it's not simple to add. For the file browser, the UI parts are actually straight forward but the complication is with accessing the docker volumes. Accessing the data inside docker volumes will require the box code to somehow know the container user (to get the right permissions for files) and will also require the box code to run as root. This requires quite some engineering work.

    Just giving some background on why this has not been done yet.

  • This post is deleted!

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