Error on generic host

  • First of all : Thanks for your magnificent work's šŸ™‚

    I'm trying to install it on hostmybytes. But I get this error: Error: Cloudron requires '/' to be ext4. How can I install Cloudron??

    Thanks a bunch!

  • If this is a OpenVZ VPS you're trying to set up, this might not be possible. As stated here: Cloudron does not support running on ARM, LXC or OpenVZ.

  • Currently only ext4 is supported, mostly for reasons of keeping testing burden low. @pbaesse were you able to use ext4 for your root partition and were you able to install Cloudron? If so maybe we can mark this as "solved"

  • Iā€™m also interested in running Cloudron on other file systems. What would happen if the error was circumvented? šŸ˜ˆ

  • @yusf What other file system are you interested in?

  • @girish Currently I'm interested in btrfs.

  • When Cloudron started we used btrfs, but it was extremely unstable (atleast the kernels from VPS providers) and it will result in random crashes in the kernel. I just looked up again now and saw that RedHat has dropped support for btrfs. Not sure, if it's worth investing time on this, will keep this in mind if others request this as well.

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