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Backup Target: ( - a secure, decentralised storage-network

  • Out of the Blockchain-hype there was V2 storage-network. a fully encrypted, decentralised storage.

    Now, is moving to V3 - a full S3-compatible network. still decentralised and with high encryption.

    Tardigrade is the enterprise, production-ready version of the Storj network, complete with guaranteed SLAs.


    How it Works

    With Tardigrade cloud storage, your files are encrypted and split into pieces client-side before being distributed across our network of high-performance storage nodes.

    OSS partners, i.e. nextcloud, minio, cloudron?,

    who integrate the into their sw. they get paid a share on every byte, the enduser store into the storj network!

    See how we treat our partners.

    Tardigrade, and our open-source parent company Storj Labs are very passionate about supporting, building, and using open source software. It’s this passion that led us to create our Open Source Partner Program. With this program, every time your users store data on Tardigrade, we will share a generous portion of every dollar earned with our open-source partners. Forever. . .

    Storagenode Operators:

    everybody can run a V3 storj-node, and rent the spare space, one might have. (from RPI upwards).

    The V3 Network is in beta, production ready in autumn.

    from my experience over the years: very innovative, deliver high quality software, keep there milestone-timetable, good support.
    definitely worth a look.

  • @chymian Hi, Cloudron team - how about integrating Storj as the backup target now? Their S3 api/interface should now be ready.

  • Staff

    @tadeas I guess you are referring to ? You can already use an arbitrary S3 gateway btw in the Backups view dropdown.

    Once it reaches production, we can add it to the Backup providers dropdown as a proper option.