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Cloudron 4.2 released

  • Staff

    Hi all,
    We released Cloudron 4.2. The blog has more details about the release.

    • New configure UI. The current hover icons were getting too cluttered.
    • Per app disk usage graphs
    • Custom app data directory
    • Forwarding lists can contain external domains. This implements SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme) on the mail server. This features is turned on for Sieve Forwarding, Bounce forwarding as well.
    • Flag to enable/disable users
    • New Restore flow. You now restore a Cloudron from https://ip and do not have to do the initial DNS setup.
    • Wasabi storage backend
    • Add SparkPost as mail relay backend
    • Update Haraka to 2.8.24
    • File based sessions
    • Add option to skip backup when updating an app
    • Fix bug where nginx was not reloaded on cert renewal
    • TOTP tokens are now checked for with +- 60 seconds
    • Fix issue where tar backups with very large files (> 8GB) was corrupt

  • Staff

    There is an external LDAP directory feature which is part of this release but it's "hidden". I know some people in the forum and chat have already expressed interest for this. I will post some docs here on how it can be setup but the feature is still 'beta' quality (I will ping you personally to follow up).

  • I get the feeling that the new app config interface hasn’t been tested on small-screen mobile devices. Can you take a look? I use Cloudron on mobile extensively which is why this important to me.

  • Possibly related, unsure, but for what it’s worth I actually preferred the old UI for configuring an app. It seems the new way just involves at least one extra tap/click and doesn’t really solve anything, at least not in my own use of the product. Totally get the minimalism approach and I’m generally a fan of that but in this case the UI for configuring an app seems like it went back a step. Just my two cents. Maybe there’s a “meet in the middle” approach that would work better from how it was before to how it is now? It still works for me so that’s the most important part. Haha.

  • @d19dotca The new UI offers much more control, sadly a lot of stuff was moved around but I think the extra click is worth it. We even have the ability to shutdown an app which wasn't an option before.

  • Staff

    @yusf For mobile UI, I have created

    @d19dotca Yeah, I was personally quite sad to see the minimalism go. Initially, when we had very few users it worked great lol. But now, with so many users, people are asking for configure options left and right. For example, CSP settings, Firewall settings, Dynamic addons and putting them all into the popup UI (with scrollable tabs!) was proving to be very difficult. Anyway, our first step was simply to remove the popup based UI as first step. Now, we can focus on making it more usable.

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