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How to enable LDAP support in LAMP app?

  • I'm a bit confused...

    At first I thought LDAP is enabled in LAMP out of the box. This seems not the case and LDAP is not mentioned in the LAMP app documentation. According to the documentation, LDAP is available as addon and can be activated in the "CloudronManifest.json". So far so good.

    When browsing the appsdata folder I just found a config.json for LAMP with seems to be analog to CloudronManifest.json. I enabled LDAP addon there and restarted the app. seems not to work this way. When I search for the exposed LDAP variables with env inside the LAMP terminal I only get mysql, redis and so on.

    What do I miss? My goal is to have LDAP variables exposed as environment variables to use it it within my configuration.

    Context: I try to use LDAP module of freescout

  • Staff

    You are right, the LDAP addon is not enabled for the LAMP app. The manifest is also coming from the app package itself and changing that in hindsight as you explained does not change anything. The only way to solve this is, if we release a new LAMP app with LDAP enabled. I will discuss this with @girish to check if there are any obvious issues with it. As far as I remember, it was not put there, to avoid random php scripts getting hold of the username+password during logins. But maybe this is not actually a real concern.

  • Okay I see. I found and it stated that LDAP is enabled by default. Your explanation makes sense but I ask myself if I'm the first one who stumbled over this. It would be nice but not crucial. Would it be possible to make features like ldap, redis etc adjustable by checkbox within the app configuration?

  • @subven I needed this for a PHP app and I just built a custom LAMP app for personal development, but if the official LAMP app got LDAP (or maybe a version of the app that has it enabled in the same likeness of how wordpress and unmanaged wordpress have different apps) it would be nice since so many self-hosted options are PHP and ldap is almost always a must have.

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