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Will there be a limit to available apps ever?

  • I love Cloudron. I love the increasing number of apps offered. But will there eventually be too many for the Cloudron team to manage? I'd hate to see Support quality, or quality in general, decrease just for quantity. If there is to be a limit, how will it be determined? By install number? By usage? By active maintenance by the git repository/project owners (not Cloudron)?

  • App Dev

    @scooke That's an excellent question - I wonder if the Cloudron team will open a few of the apps up to be supported by their original developers (I.E Matrix server app was made by @msbt)

    Anyway - good question indeed.

  • Staff

    Good question! So far, we haven't been overwhelmed with the app count. I think we can actually easily support far more. This is only because:

    • The main packaging cost is the first initial version. If you see the source code of any app package, we hardly have to make changes for a new release. It's mostly bumping the version. I am hoping once we have a CI/CD app on Cloudron, we can automate this part.
    • All our stable apps have tests. We don't test anything manually. The apps that don't have proper automated tests (like confluence), we have regretted publishing. But we keep them supported and test them manually since enough paying customers are using it. But that was a lesson for us to not add apps that don't have tests.
    • Many of the new apps that we are publishing now was packaged by our community - @msbt , @iamthefij , @Felix, @thetomester13 , @jimcavoli , @murgero (there's also 2-3 more but I am unable to find their id) etc. So, we are just building on top of their hard work (thanks a lot again guys!).
    • Finally, our goal is not to package all the apps possible. We just want the best 2-3 apps in each category. So, if there are 30 categories. This will only come to 90 apps or so.

    All that said, if you see a drop in quality in support or general, please let us know and that will a hint for us to look into adding resources 🙂

  • App Dev

    @girish said in Will there be a limit to available apps ever?:

    I am hoping once we have a CI/CD app on Cloudron, we can automate this part.

    Is anyone currently working on this?

  • Thank u guys for the hard work. In contributing to the topic, is there a way in which we can choose which app to get onto the server & not all of them (which we may not be using)?

  • App Dev

    @vjvanjungg You just install apps via an app store like interface. You don't get all of them at once.

  • @murgero when we install Cloudron, the apps are not loaded into the server yet, only their docker files, only when we install apps, they get loaded into the server? i’m trying to get the idea.

  • App Dev

    @vjvanjungg not even the docker files. only when you visit the app store and click install on the app you want, it will download the necessary files to your server.

  • wow that’s way more than cool! i’m gradually discovering the magic of Cloudron. Loving it!