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  • What mail server does Cloudron use? Will JMAP be coming to it any time soon?

  • Staff

    @christiaan Cloudron uses Haraka. We also actively contribute to the upstream project.

    A quick look at JMAP, it seems that it replaces IMAP. So, this support will come via Dovecot (which Cloudron uses). It seems the latest update from Dovecot team itself is this.

  • @girish okay cool, thanks. Yeah JMAP is much more efficient and makes working with a lot of email on mobile devices significantly quicker. It's also meant to be easier to implement than IMAP/SMTP.

    Fastmail wants to build protocols and data models on top of the core of JMAP for handling calendars and contacts sync too, replacing CardDAV, CalDAV and Websocket.

    One modern open API for mail, calendars and contacts.

  • @christiaan Which clients would you want to use, if JMAP support were available in Cloudron? I must say I am a bit confused by this request, because AFAIK there is basically zero client support for JMAP except demos, proofs of concept, and experimental stuff.

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