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Chat application thoughts?

  • Which of the chat applications (Rocket, Matrix, Mattermost) do you prefer? Which is the most lightweight with the best mobile app support? It's not obvious to me which of them get their account information or authentication from the Cloudron installation.

  • Staff

    • Mattermost - does not have LDAP. It also has no access control as such, it works best if you know everyone who you invite and they can be expected to follow "rules" (for example, I think in mm anyone can archive a channel)

    • Rocket.Chat - has LDAP. Also has live chat which you can embed on your site. This is what we use and it's acceptable. Mobile app breaks now and then 😕

    • Matrix - Has e2e encryption, open standard. If you prefer open standard over maturity, you should choose this over

    While both Rocket.Chat and Matrix support federation, I have only tested it with Matrix and it works well there.

  • Thanks. LDAP support and maturity are important. I don't need federation.