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  • Hi Team,
    I want to forward all my emails to an external email provider (
    How do I pull that off?

  • @will New emails? Probably best with your DNS service setup.

    Old emails? Sounds messy as I don't believe they allow for IMAP clients. Maybe your email client will also for bulk redirection?

  • App Dev

    Hi @will,

    you can create a forward rule in Roundcube with the following settings:


    (you should then obviously switch the toggle to also enable the rule)

  • @fbartels thats the ticket, thanks!

  • So I tried it that way, but my mail bounced. Using sendgrid as a relay.

  • @will To save you £99/yr you could just use mail rules to allow only known-contacts into your inbox to reproduce what does and keep your data independence 🤷

    I like what they are trying to do but it still didn't feel like an essential service to me. I get the vanity address thing - but you can do that with your own domain easy enough too. Sorry, guess you're sold on it already though 🙂

  • App Dev

    @will said in Forward All Emails:

    So I tried it that way, but my mail bounced

    From where exactly did it bounce? What was the error message?

  • @marcusquinn I ran into a lot of issues having important emails get spammed from my cloudron, even using a relay. I like having my cloudron based email be my login for services, but Hey as the client.

    Hey is an AWESOME user interface update to email. Game changing. Try it out for a week if you dont believe me. The guys who make hey are super old school mac developers who care a lot about what they make. I trust them with most of my email, as for using email as an "identity", such as for logins, well. I trust no one hahaha 🐷

  • @fbartels So I sent a test email from my Broadcom work address to my cloudron based email, with a rule that forwards all messages from cloudron to hey.
    The broadcom address got a bounce saying the message could not be forwarded. Let me set it up and try again so I can show the class.

  • Message Contents:
    Hi. This is the Mailer program at

    I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message
    to the following addresses.

    This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

    Intended Recipients:
    Failure Reason: Error: Some recipients failed:

  • @will Sure, I gave it a try and Tweeted my feedback.

    Quite enjoying revisiting Thunderbird from @girish recommendation. There's still a lot that can be done with mail rules & add-ons there for me to explore.

    I've just been down the SaaS subscriptions road for over a decade now and really see it becoming too costly for me to recommend to friends and family the resulting rent and data control give-away that they demand.

    Hence, I'm falling for the back to the old-school approach again with single-server & solid backup strategy, FOSS, keep all data private and costs low.

    It's when I see ads in twitter for things I bought and have an email confirmation in Gmail or conversation in Discord on that you know the tentacles just reach too far and these SaaS companies can sell your data at any time with a take it or leave it Ts & Cs update.

    I like Hey and the guys behind it - but if I can get effectively the same with a setup as Cloudron is making possible then that's where I'm investing for now.

    Mind remains open though, so interested to follow your experience.

  • @marcusquinn said in Forward All Emails:


    I'm with you in your thinking, im just wondering if self hosting email is a lost cause. Have you run into and overcome email delivery issues?

  • @will I know what you mean, it's also a risk that something goes wrong and we get stuck, usually at the most inconvenient time - but then the whole Ubuntu & Email stack is almost as old as the internet and still relatively simple for those of us who remember 2 decades of computing before SaaS and JS everything.

    Early days with my Cloudron setup still, so not used enough to have had issues yet - but this forum has been a big bonus TBH as between that and very good documentation I haven't found any issues that can't be solved yet. Only thing I need is a bunch more apps I've posted in the Wishlist category.

    Annoyingly, nowadays even if you don't want GAFAM/MAGFA you still need their login IDs for many services if you don't want to be a complete online alien - but I'm with you on the hybrid approach so having both options but a preference for self-hosted where possible.

    Maybe some useful research here for you on cheaper services to help with deliverability to keep the best of both worlds:

  • @marcusquinn Thanks for the info!