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Email - Designate external storage disk location for email, just like an app.

  • As I have a few mailboxes growing quickly for their business, while I have plenty of space left on my main SSD, I'd like to be able to dedicate (and move mail) storage to an external mounted disk. From what I can tell, this isn't possible to do yet in Cloudron (but please correct me if I've missed it).

    It seems like a natural extension of the already-existing app storage in custom directories feature, so I naturally assumed I could do this already for mail but it doesn't appear to be the case. I would love to see the ability to move and store mailbox data on an external disk in the near future. 🙂

  • Staff

    This is not tested as such or support so far, but I agree should be doable. I've added

  • Staff

    I wonder if we should invest some effort in making the whole email system as just another app. This is complicated but doable with some work. It has the benefits of leveraging all our app design and at the same time a) allows people to install the mail server in a any location they want and b) opens up option to setup alternate email solutions like say kopano (cc @fbartels ).

  • @girish that would be awesome

  • 👍 from me 🙂

    I think Mailboxes & Nextcloud are always going to be the most disk-hungry data silos, so they make more sense to have on attached drives or storage than almost any other app. Although the Video & Photo Library ones could be for some.

    It doesn't make sense to keep increasing VPS sizes just for the additional disk-space, when mostly the CPUs & RAM are adequate on reasonably low tiers.

    I'm always tight with paying for unused utilities so that we can be generous in paying for developers to make these efficiencies 😉

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