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Cloudron on a Raspberry pi?

  • @malvim How about I ship you mine?

  • Yeah, it seems mysql-server-5.7 is not available (though there's a later version that is), and I wasn't able to get past installing linux-generic as well, since it seems kernel patching is not exactly the same under arm...

    Also, I saw the script downloads a specific version of nginx, which is amd64 as well. I'll keep trying, but I've been having network problems which I think have to do with the provider I chose. I'll get back when I have more news.

  • @will Man, I'd REALLY love to, but my guess is we don't live in the same country heheh... I'm from Brazil!

    If you can get it on a network with an ubuntu 20.04 version, maybe I can access it via ssh and fiddle for a bit?

  • @malvim Yeah man, PM me what you want on it, and I'll reimage it soonest and beam over creds.

  • Staff

    @malvim Yeah, you can adjust that apt line as needed. Essentially, you have to make the script succeed. You can make the script standalone, it does not require any args.

    nginx ARM packages -

    Node ARM packages -

    Docker ARM packages -

    Also, I saw you are testing in Focal. One issue I hit (even on x86) was that collectd has issues with the python3 plugin. I haven't gotten around to fix that.

  • @girish Yeah, I'll try bionic again, it just crashed on something related to initramfs-tools, and focal still does when i try to install linux-generic, which I assume has something to do with kernel images and the like? This stuff is a bit above my current knowledge, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing heheh.

  • Staff

    @malvim Cloudron doesn't really use any of the packages like linux-kernel, initramfs etc directly. I think it's just added there for completeness. Feel free to remove them.

  • @girish great! I was already commenting out these lines to see where it went.

    So it seems I'm losing name resolution after installing unbound. Installation of resolvconf is not a problem, but as soon as I install unbound, lots of names stop resolving and I can't install anything anymore.

    Not sure how unbound works, might have to go into it a bit more, but my guess is maybe the problem is inside my provider. I'll check with @will later to see if we can try it in his device, and see if the problem persists.

  • Just to keep you guys updated on what's going on: I commented out unbound just to go through (and probably have to come back to it later, but still).

    I also switched to installing nginx from the repos instead of downloading a specific package with curl manually, as their version is arm64 and it seems the rpi I'm on is armhf, which I know nothing about but some nginx-arm64 dependencies were not being met.

    I switched node to the armv7l package and it went ok.

    I switched docker packages to armhf, they intalled okay, but it seems I don't have the overlay kernel module loaded and have NO IDEA how to load it heheh. A few google searches still got me kinda stuck, I'll try again tomorrow.

  • Alright, so I learned how to load kernel modules, and the problem now is that the / partition in this particular provider is over nfs, and overlay is not supported.

    So, as this is not a problem with cloudron on a rasberry pi, and is particular to this provider, I'm thinking of trying to change the docker driver tomorrow, just to see how far I can get to...

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