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  • Looking around in the Matrix ecosystem one finds many interesting server extensions. For example, the native protocol bridging support being put to use by the many bridges available.

    Looking at matrix-docker-ansible-deploy one gets a glimpse of what extensions are already available in for a production environment.

    I've a wish for the Cloudron Matrix app to be expanded with more features. This will make the app more useful and better demonstrate Matrix's versatility.

    Extensions of direct interest to me:

    • synapse-admin
    • synapse-simple-antispam
    • email2matrix
    • mautrix-facebook
    • mautrix-telegram
    • mautrix-whatsapp
    • mx-puppet-instagram
    • matrix-appservice-irc
    • matrix-appservice-discord
    • matrix-appservice-slack
    • matrix-appservice-webhooks

    Let's discuss what if any extensions are worthy of inclusion in the package.

  • Staff

    @yusf I have to look into the extensions more closely but do you know if these extensions are run in-process or out of process? For maintainability, out of process would be great.

  • @girish I’ve no idea. 😊