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    Just to add, what I ended up doing was just using Surfer and creating an index.html file with this:

    <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>United Diversity - Together We Have Everything</title> <meta http-equiv = "refresh" content = "0; url =" /> </head> <body> <p>Will redirect shortly to</p> </body> </html>
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    @girish said in How can I setup a 302 or 301 redirect from a subdomain to an external site?:

    I am probably missing something. Support for multi domain/aliases is already in Cloudron 7.


    @toxicdorito What is the version of your Cloudron ? The latest lamp package already has support for aliases -

    What if we want to create an alias or redirect for our dashboard domain?

    I want to redirect to, see

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    d19dotcaD 😉

    Yes, you can add new domains to Cloudron. Depending on where the authoritative servers are for the domain, you can use the dedicated API-based setups (i.e. AWS, DO, Namecheap, Linode, etc), or you can instead use the Wildcard setup for any other service that's not explicitly listed in the providers list.

    Then once the domain is added to Cloudron, you can add redirections to the same app if you desire, in the App page:

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    @enigma84 Access the htaccess from the File Manager and not directly on the server. It's better/easier that way -

    For nextcloud, you will (confusingly) see two files - htaccess and .htaccess. Do not touch .htaccess since it is for protecting the data directory (/app/data). You can try editing htaccess.

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    To follow up here, the next release 7.3 has built-in support for external links in the dashboard, so it will be unnecessary to install some trampoline app like surfer or lamp.

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    Yes that should work.

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    @YurkshireLad said in Best way to redirect users from root domain to non-Cloudron sub-domain?:

    I have a non-Cloudron site installed at Sorry, that part of my post may have been confusing or ambiguous.

    Personally I simply go directly at your DNS manager (Namecheap, Cloudflare, GoDaddy, ...) than add the entry manually, such as you would do without Cloudron.

    It also confused me a few weeks ago but at the end Cloudron only add and manage entries it need such as:

    A for my. MX for mail (if you active them and decide to receive email) TTX for DMARC, DKIM and SPF in your case you will have to add something like Entry Type: A Name: @ Content: TheIPofYour "" TTL: Auto since we are all graphic bug, here a sample of my zone at Cloudron

    the one in red are the one I added manually.