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  • I'm interested in hearing opinions about Cloudron's dependency on Docker as specific container system. Depending on the well-being of the Docker company are not without its concerns, I think, if one wants to build the most resilient piece of software. I started to think on this when discovering Podman.

  • Staff

    Was there any new news on docker, the company? The upstream repo is atleast quite active - . I don't have much experience with podman to comment (nor do I know anyone who uses podman).

  • @yusf Podman just isn't baked yet, and docker is far, far more developed than the compitition.

    docker isn't going anywhere

  • I’m not saying podman is a replacement, it’s just an example for discussion.

    I’ve read that Docker have struggled a bit financially in the last year or so. This article is from 2019 so I don’t know how it turned out, but I think it’s a discussion worth having if they’ve had problems raising capital.

  • Staff

    Besides the actual docker Cloudron addon, which is rarely used, we tried to keep Docker not heavily exposed to the actual users. For a start it should just be a technical detail only interesting to the app packagers. In theory once Docker goes unmaintained, we could migrate to something else, of course this is a lot of work and just a last resort, but theoretically possible the way we built Cloudron.

  • @nebulon said in Docker dependency:

    theoretically possible the way we built Cloudron

    This is good enough for me! 🤝

  • At the risk of highjacking this thread, I'm curious about this discussion because I was hoping to install Docker. I need to it to install and run a CAD/BIM server app.

    So is Docker it actually available on Cloudron in some fashion?

  • @christiaan Hijack confirmed. But to answer your question: yes, Docker is available in Cloudron. In fact, the system is completely built around it. That does not mean that it’s a good idea to run extra containers outside the Cloudron context, however.

  • App Dev

    I can attest that it is definitely NOT a good idea to add more Docker images to a CR box outside of CR. CR assumes it has full use of the box, so, anything additional you add can and possibly will break things 🙂