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Anyone use Cloudron's email feature?

  • I can vouch for it, I use it myself and several clients as well, without issues. There were some initial growing pains in the migration from a previous email host to Cloudron such as aliases/mail lists limitations and such. But @girish has been extremely helpful and in a matter of probably just two months or so all the email limitations I had after moving to Cloudron were gone. It's a solid server feature.

    I agree with you and @girish seems to as well in adding support for Quotas and improved spam controls, would be great to have those. Always room for improvements, but the way it is right now seems to already be a solid choice, and I'd throw my hand up to vouch for it. 🙂

  • @girish said in Anyone use Cloudron's email feature?:

    whitelist/blacklist and better spam control is definitely something we would like to add.

    Yes please. Cloudron email has been 100% reliable for me, but it has yet to successfully identify any spam. I only get a few a day so it's not a big deal at the moment, but I can see this being a potential issue for some users.

    It's a great feature though and one of the main reasons I use Cloudron.

  • Our mails sometimes get blocked by Microsoft, T-Online, and so on. This is not because of cloudron but of bad IP (block) reputation and harsh (and sometimes faulty) spam detection engines. I score 10/10 at

  • @subven I use sendgrid with great success

  • Using it a LOT, for most of my domains, either friends or clients. Pretty happy with it 🙂

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    @mervinrasquinha FYI, I use it on multiple instances, including at DigitalOcean - they won't block port 25 but they will require your droplet to be named "" to get a PTR record, and this will only map back to the droplet-assigned IP address, not a floating IP. That is not a big deal if you're already using that IP in DNS and don't have a problem with it. For anyone interested in more purposefully obscuring the backend side even through DNS (say with Cloudflare in my case), this eventually proves way too irritating to keep said node at DigitalOcean. Interestingly, the machine I'm talking about has actually had a SendGrid relay up for over a year anyway just to help with deliverability (mail servers are hard at anything approaching scale), but even then, the whole PTR IP thing has been a thorn in my side. That's nothing to do with Cloudron - it's actually pretty flexible in how it handles these situations - my ire about that is squarely aimed at DigitalOcean being so inflexible as to just be getting in the way of a pretty strong deliverability requirement. That issue has been a complaint from many customers over the years, but they haven't (and I expect won't) relitigated it to any different result. Curious how you've found it after a bit now - the big machine that I've referred to is getting moved to another cloud provider, but I still have a smaller personal one over at DigitalOcean, and I'm questioning whether that's worth keeping either at this point.

  • @jimcavoli I find Upcloud pretty decent and open to suggestions if you're needing locations that Hetzner, Scaleway, Contabo don't offer.

    Vultr's pretty good too but all of DO, Linode, Vultr, Upcloud seem to be price-matching to appear competitive, but actually are quite pricier as you grow, hence I tried and gave up on all of them once happy with the above 3.

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    I hadn't really checked them out before, but they look good (if not as cheap as Hetzner). Both have good green credentials.

  • @jdaviescoates Cheapest way I know to play with K8S too. Plus they now do like $2/m micro-instances. Great all-round service really.

  • Gotta give a shoutout to SSDnodes for large systems and low prices and you choose your PTR.

    Link below in signature.