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  • @marcusquinn I don't mind. He's interested in jewelry manufacturing, CAD/CAM, or both? DM me their email address when ready.

    @mehdi Other than custom jewelry design jobs that I do for jewelry retailers, I work on creating accessories for all kinds of products. I aim for the hobbies (RC toys, gamers, etc.) because they spend without thinking logically lol.

    @ei8fdb Thanks. Most people that ask me what I do, don't even know what 3D modeling means. I get that blank face and then I just say "computer stuff" and they're like OHHHHHH.

  • @humptydumpty said in What do you do?:

    I don't mind. He's interested in jewelry manufacturing, CAD/CAM, or both? DM me their email address when ready.

    He does a lot of metal-detecting, so looking at reproduction for very old stuff, Roman & Celtic. I'll pass it on.

  • App Dev

    Guess I can contribute to this too. I'm a computer engineer graduate who ended up liking software development more, but still tinkers with hardware projects. I also work at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada as a software developer for the eLearning team doing updates for our Moodle instance and building out our suite of applications that integrate with Moodle via LTI. I also love working on FOSS apps and started on EleutheriaPay which I hope to get on Cloudron once its stable:

    Specialties dev-wise:

    • Vue.js frontend
    • AWS/GCP Serverless Development
    • Node.js API development
    • Embedded systems development
    • FPGA development using Verilog (A hardware description language)


  • Hey community, I'll give it a shot: I'm a 34 years old sysadmin from Leipzig/Germany. Doing devops, IT support and a lot of hardware tinkering but will be unemployed in 2 weeks ^^ I'm also co-running a large (night)club and participate in some projects around events, arts and the culture scene here.

    I my scene there is neither money nor space for business consulting and business solutions but there's a high demand for own, free and flexible IT infrastructure. I have been using Cloudron for about 3 years and helped some projects and freelancers to host their own.

  • Staff

    @subven very nice, I will definitely visit mjut once corona again allows for it. Been couple of times in so&so till it closed 😕

  • @nebulon Apparently, we all just need to use mouthwash now and it'll all be fine again 🙂

  • 👋

    Rob here (robi is my Croatian nickname and often computer username) for those in other cultures, short for Robert.

    As a Strategic Advisor and (Business & Innovation) Catalyst, I'm mostly a full stack janitor 😉

    As a leader in several startups, I reserve a keen eye for emerging technologies (hi Cloudron and it's Apps); I have been a speaker, mentor, advisor for Google, NASA, IBM, and many more, finding safe, creative solutions all the way from the mundane to the complex with equal ease, which is one thing that keeps my passion ignited.

    Remember WinAmp? Yeah, I was there during the mp3 revolution, in the credits until the recent reshuffle.

    I've invented a bunch of stuff, including the first PCIe flash storage device in small form factor (SFF), now you'll recognize it as the M.2 PCIe SSD device for which there is now a slot on every motherboard being made. (didn't make a dime.)

    Made core discoveries (read blunders) in physics (magnetism, light, water), mathematics, statistics, AI, ML, medicine, law, etc, which you can ask me about outside this thread.

    3 decades ago I got bitten by the sysadmin bug and never left, despite all the C level gigs.

    After 15 years, I am still on the board of directors for which is one of the oldest meetups in Silicon Valley. We've had the Cloudron team speak at one of our meetups which should be online on YT.

    I play a long running pickup soccer game every Saturday (same folks come out for 8+ years) and tennis 1-2 times a week if possible. Love ping pong and ultimate frisbee too.

    If you want to see a small part of my other crazy projects, see

    Otherwise a few here have found me on Twitter.

    There's more, but that's plenty for now 😄

  • @scooke Hi i'm Benoit the Medias-Cite and Osinum manager. We sell a service with Cloudron in its core. our customers are ok with that and they know it's Cloudron behind but they don't care about it because they don't want to have to deal with the server side (and they want a server in France). It's the same thing when developing services based on Wordpress, the client wants a site that works under Wordpress but does not want to have to do it himself because he does not necessarily have the time or the inclination to do it himself.
    We support our customers with others services addons to our offers (Example : we deploy BBB for us outside Cloudron), we are thinking about making some webinars to help them to use Nextcloud, wordpress etc... We try to sponsor some new developpments in Cloudron (internationalization), and new packaging of apps (Dolibarr for the moment, with @eric a Dolibarr team developer).
    @girish and @nebulon know our activities, nothing is hidden. The only line we change on our website is "le logiciel libre Cloudron" because this is no longer totally true.

    Conclusion, we don't sell Cloudron but services based on it. Cloudron is a master piece in our service but without humans behind it our service is dead. And by the way, Medias-Cite is a non profit organization (cooperative) and it will remain so.

    I hope you understand what we do 🙂

    Sorry for my english 😉

  • App Dev

    @benoit A far better job than if I tried to write anything in French! I have a particular interest in this sort of MSP model to help improve the access to the platform - many small businesses or groups could see big benefits from Cloudron but cannot afford the dedicated IT pros to operate/support it, so I think such options are a great part of the ecosystem. I have an interest in doing something similar for local clients as well in the future, or at least to standardize my deployment of some custom applications.

  • First of all: Thank you for this thread. I like it 🙂

    My name is Stephan Luckow and before I did "something with computers" I made a bet that I would be successful as a musician (playing bass guitar). But that was a dream in the mid 90s. Btw: this was our contribution to the European song contest in 1994 ->

    In 1995 I founded my first Internet full-service agency in Berlin, and my whole business was based on open source software. Part of the proprietary software was downloaded from news servers. In 2006 I realized that giving back to the OSS communities is not only a return in software development. I'm not a developer, so I decided to help with other topics as well. In 2010 I took the position of president of the German Drupal association and in 2013 some people and I founded CMS Garden e. V. as an umbrella organization for the most active Open Source Content Management Systems.

    Today I'm the managing director of the company for the development of things. A Berlin-based consulting & development company that supports clients in making decisions for their digital transformation and sovereignty.
    We have learned in a customer project that there is Cloudron. In terms of content, we wanted to find out whether it is possible to address the SME market with software in which the system administrator is built-in. And because Cloudron exists, we decided to stop our own investments in the product, to change the process to promote the growth of Cloudron.