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  • - A modern replacement for Airflow

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  • Wiby Personal Search Engine

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    I can only provide manual install instructions at this time.

    Note that while the software is functionally complete, it is still in beta. Anticipate that some bugs will be discovered now that the source is released. Ensure that you isolate the search engine from your other important services, and if you are running parts of it out of your home, keep the servers on a separate VLAN. Make sure this VLAN cannot access your router or switch interface. Continue this practise even when the software reaches "1.0".

    If you have created a "LAMP", or rather a "LEMP" server before, this isn't much more complicated. If you've never done that, I suggest you find a "LEMP" tutorial.

    Build a LEMP server

    Digital Ocean tutorials are usually pretty good so here is a link to one for Ubuntu 20 and Ubuntu 22.

    For the sake of simplicity, assume all instructions are for Ubuntu 20 or 22. If you are on a different distro, modify the install steps accordingly to suit your distro.

    If you don't have a physical server, you can rent computing space by looking for a "VPS provider". This virtual computer will be your reverse proxy, and if you want, it can host everything else too.

    Install the following additional packages:

    apt install build-essential php-gd libcurl4-openssl-dev libmysqlclient-dev golang git

    Get Wiby Source Files

    Download the source directly from Wiby here, or from GitHub. The source is released under the GPLv2 license. Copy the source files for Wiby to your server.

    Compile the crawler (cr), refresh scheduler (rs), replication tracker (rt):

    gcc cr.c -o cr -lmysqlclient -lcurl -std=c99 -O3
    gcc rs.c -o rs -lmysqlclient -std=c99 -O3
    gcc rt.c -o rt -lmysqlclient -std=c99 -O3

    If you get any compile errors, it is likely due to the path of the mysql or libcurl header files. This could happen if you are not using Ubuntu. You might have to locate the correct path for curl.h, easy.h, mysql.h, then edit the #include paths in the source files.

    Build the core server application:

    The core application is located inside the go folder. Run the following commands after copying the files over to your preferred location:

    For Ubuntu 20:
    go get -u

    For Ubuntu 22 OR latest Golang versions:
    go install
    go mod init mysql
    go get

    go build core.go
    go build 1core.go

    If you are just starting out, you can use '1core'. If you are going to setup replication servers or you are using a computer with a lot of available cores, you can use 'core', but make sure to read the scaling section.

    If you want to use 1core on a server separate from your reverse proxy server, modify line 37 of 1core.go: replace 'localhost' with '' so that it accepts connections over your VPN from your reverse proxy.

    You can also use index.php in the root of the www directory and not use the Go version at all. Though the PHP version is used mainly for prototyping.

  • CalcKey

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    +1 here!

  • WTTR Weather

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  • SeaTable - Speadsheet meets database

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    @LoudLemur said in SeaTable - Speadsheet meets database:

    NoCoDB, which is Free Software and billed as a SeaTable alternative

    Last time I checked, SeaTable was better than NocoDB or Baserow.

  • standard notes - storage server component

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    me too, I would love to have this app in cloudron

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    @timconsidine said in Satellite - Web Client for the Nostr Protocol:

    Relays don't seem to be very fast/efficient currently, based on my dabbling with the Damus and 0xChat apps.

    The strfry relay is one of the best

  • OSS Firebase Alternative

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    Any update or plans to include it? It would be crazy to have it!!

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    I built an RSSHub app. You're welcome to build it yourself and use it.

  • AodeRelay

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    @doodlemania2 said in AodeRelay:

    @mhgcic we have a pretty tight set of principles we follow. Doesn't mean stuff doesn't get through, but we take action pretty fast depending on the severity of the situation

    Thanks, we will take a look.

  • Goat Counter

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    Came here to upvote

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    @robi said in Serge - LLaMa made easy 🦙 - self-hosted AI Chat:

    @lars1134 the tests I've run in a LAMP app allows these to run in less than 5GB RAM (depending on model) using the right combo of sw all on CPU only.

    Awesome, I will definitely look into that today and tomorrow. Thank you for the inspiration 😄. I will let you know how things went for me.

  • Open Web Analytics

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    Ohh the heatmaps would be useful!

    Here's the Github link:

  • LinkStack (was Littlelink-Custom)

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    @Kubernetes what does the apache log say?

    Looks like it's being run from /app/data/html

  • This topic is deleted!

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  • Misskey

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    @girish Thank you ever so much, nope we are not a bot. We are a non-profit, and we use Cloudron to connect people with disabilities, housebound and much more using technology and the internet.

    Thank you for the upvote, helps very much.

  • Lemmy: Federated alternative to reddit

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    We would like to see this as well.

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    There is new open source solution based on nebula with friendly WEB GUI from - see

  • Chatbot UI for ChatGPT

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    Looks like he's prepping a v2 release:






    Including other APIs: