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    I don't think there is any backup option out there which can do what you are hoping can be done. The one exception is if you are manually extracting the data to be restored, and putting them in different locations. I just say this so you don't go feeling like this is some sort of weakness of Cloudron. Backups rely on timestamps and exact conditions. You couldn't restore the second backup because it would look for the time slot from which it was built, in the records, and those records aren't going to be in the currently restored backup. But if it is the media you want, then the fact you do have separate sets of backups does mean you can at least navigate through the backup and find that media, and then as @nebulon said, manually add them back to your Mastodon. But I gotta say, why do you need to have this media? I mean, Mastodon IS social media, and it's meant to be ephemeral. If there is some info you like, then screenshot it, or click the link and bookmark it, print it out to PDF, or follow the poster (to then check them out post-restore to see that specific post) etc. But saving it and keeping it to be viewable only within your Mastodon seems like a use even Mastodon wasn't really meant for.

    Anyway, good to hear you are back up and running. Hope the new year remains happier. I'm if you want to expand your follow/followers!

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    @jaschaezra I understand the urge for this, however unless the app has a solid plugin or extension system for this, we can't really support this, as it will make it impossible for us to test for updates and thus will introduce another maintenance hassle on top, which in our experience leads to various side-effects which are hard to debug and cause quite a lot of support burden.

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    @nebulon Thank you for your reply. In the instructions it says that first you have to run the command

    cd /home/mastodon/live aws s3 sync --acl public-read public/system/ s3://instance-media --endpoint=

    To synchronize local data, cache Mastodon media to the S3 bucket.
    I guess that would have to be a different command here on Cloudron.
    Now my images load, but the local avatars, server image have disappeared from the instance and the remote images and avatars are not loading. Is it possible that the remote images will load gradually, I don't know.
    I've been really struggling with this for a few days now and the result is still not good. 😞

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    @shanelord01 (waves) it auto-approves after a few minutes assuming your side is set up cleanly - I see you and welcome!

    Many people have tried to relay over the past few weeks. Some don't have SSL (hard pass), some are using fake FQDN (hard pass), and then of course, we had a few bad actors come along and I had to boot em.

    Be mindful of your blocks and mutes - whole instance blocking is a big sledgehammer unless it's just a whole instance of bad. Also, if you see someone on my relay and you're like, ewe, Derek should know about that, please ping me (at)derek(at) - I am watching but it's a LOT to watch and any visibility on bad instances is appreciated - let me know and I'll block em at the relay.

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    Haven't looked at in a while and I'm sure there are improvements to be made.
    Was done a long time a go.
    But would be a good addition to the official App Store .... IMHO

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    This is intentional because the root domain record can be in use on another server/app/website.

    Right, that makes sense.

    I added a redirect from the root domain and it solved all my problems. Thanks for the quick help.

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    I manually installed Mastadon on a Digital Ocean 1Gb droplet (unrelated to Cloudron), and with only 1 user and 5 posts, it ran out of memory. I bumped the droplet up to the 2Gb option and it ran smoothly.

  • Mastodon Terminal not starting

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    @alwynispat do you mean nginx? How is NPM involved here?

    edit: oh, maybe you mean your nginx proxy manager?

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    @girish Yes, that did the trick - thank you so much! The package version 1.1.1 works for upgrading to Mastodon 3.1.2. Thank you for resolving that so quickly.