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  • Maily Herald (MailChimp alternative)

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    @ruihildt you're right, I only saw the website post and added github link later.

    @jdaviescoates Thanks, yes, much better option. Need something simple.

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    AFAIK @robi is correct, you’re rewarded for basically hosting a node. I have a node setup and have transitioned most of my searches over to Presearch. I’m addition to Node Rewards, you also get around 0.10 PRE per search up to 10/day. It would be pretty awesome for be able to setup a node in Cloudron!

  • This topic is deleted!

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  • Maubot (Matrix) - Bots

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    @ericdrgn said in Maubot (Matrix) - Bots:

    do you have any thoughts or attempts at this yourself?

    Yes. I currently run Maubot in my LAN (Dockerized on a Pi), not on a VPS. It works quite well. As it's just another Matrix client there's no need for Maubot itself to be publicly accessible.

    Since I manage to run it locally I've no real incentive to try and get it to run on Cloudron infrastructure.

  • Syntropy Stack

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  • Libreddit

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    It'd be nice to have a private reddit like app to bubble up things.

  • Myazo - a screenshot-tool like Gyazo

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    @scooke said in Chaskiq - website and social live chat including chat-bot and video calls:

    @jagan Thanks for the reply. My point is to not to try to convince anyone to not use it, I'm just curious how it is actually used by those who employ it.

    1.) Info such as hours, etc., could/should be available on a website, no?
    2) I've seen this used for very open-ended generic questions.
    3) This sounds perfect, but most of the time when I've needed help the Help seemed to act like it was gonna take a lot of time, in which case chat wasn't an option because I'd be sitting there for awhile. I guess one experience I've had with chat that was helpful was with a bank, trying to clear a flagged transaction. But they needed lots of my regular account info and it felt sketchy giving that over a chat! I suppose that it "worked" because in the end the transaction was cleared (it was me), but I really didn't feel comfortable. Another time was with NameCheap about a transfer-in of a domain, but they needed me to be logged into the site at the same time as the chat. Good thing I was at my computer, and not just my phone, as that wouldn't have gone well.
    4) Yeah, I really don't like the blackhole nature of the phone help!

    Most places use this forum-style approach for help. It seems like the best mix of quickly getting info back and forth, and getting a solution.

    I guess the other scenario i am trying to imagine is with a one-person, or small-ish startup. If their main Help is chat, who is going to be the one to monitor that Chat? And if it's one person, or few, doesn't Chat help sessions take away alot of time from the usually-scheduled work?

    I'm asking all this because I'm thinking of including it in some of my stuff, in general, but just can't picture how it will truly function and work out.

    I like this chime in it appears there is a mix of two conflicting perspectives:
    1- Your technical insight combined with curiosity on how the solution provides value
    2- Your personal exp and preference regarding similar solutions

    Devils advocate: I have worked in pub/private orgs of varying sizes supporting physical & digital products/services for more than decade and can 100+1% argue that customers/users want, like & use "chat" as an option more and more...

    Your points are more subjective than objective. But for the sake of argument: From my personal Ex: "I have used and prefer chat over a call or email..."

    Users (Not yours & not all of them.. but enough of them) like and prefer the experience. Especially for Subscription/Premium based support - its almost basically expected now

    To add more value/substance to my stance: I went to Drift's HYPERGROWTH event in 2018, they are one of the leaders in the Conversational Marketing space. They recently were acknowledged by Gartner and are currently valued at $1 billion

    My 2 cents are worth 2 just likes yours but someone somewhere is making $ supporting someone via chat

    Chaskiq has a good amount of momentum & the "market" for the service is thriving 💙

  • CWTCH - Surveilance proof messaging

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    @timconsidine still works. I was the reason for the last update after a conversation with the inventor. (tied to the version of PGP/GPG and TLS)

  • Snippet-box

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    @robi 👍
    not yet packaged for cloudron
    just ran it up on another vps to check it out
    looks simple to package (famous last words) so may have a bash after I tried it out for a while

  • RSSbox

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    Any further progress on this @rmdes ?

  • Hesk - Help Desk + Knowledgebase

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    @timconsidine Oh. What are your concerns about Freescout?

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    @atridad hey I forgot about when that was !
    Huge congratulations and best wishes to both of you 🍾

    No rush at all, take your time, much more interesting projects around I'm sure.

  • Pétrolette

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    @mehdi wot? Oh I must go look. I had heard it went the way of the Dodo. I wonder if I can remember my login!

    I've tried to recreate it many times over the years. Now I use Nextcloud bookmarks to synch my sites cross browsers.

  • CitizenLab digital democracy platform

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    @timconsidine This will be a huge benefit for humanity, as many countries and states are forming councils called Assemblies for the next generation of government.

    This will be a great addition to help manage that framework. ❤

  • LibreQR

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    Would love to see this as a 1-click install app

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