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    @luckow thanks for your input πŸ™‚

    @luckow said in Merging mulitple Cloudrons in to one big new one?:


    In part just so everything in one place and so I just have to manage, maintain, update etc one server instead of several servers.

    But also because e.g.

    I've got an instance of PeerTube on one of the smaller VPSs (it's so makes sense to have it on where I've got all the Bridport stuff), but I've realised that it really needs a lot more power than that server has.

    I'd also like to give access to some of the apps of got on to all the people on - at present this would mean them creating another account and then not having the same credentials for both (although to be fair most of the apps currently on aren't LDAP enabled anyway, either because they don't have it - like Discourse - or because it doesn't really suit the use case - public instances of PeerTube, Mastodon, Pixelfed).

    I think quite a few of the apps would likely benefit for the increased power the dedicated server would have.

    The issues you've highlighted wouldn't be that big an issue for me because I think I'm currently the only person/ name who is on all of them so there aren't two Jane Does (but there would be if I started saying "sign-up over on so I can give you access to our shared x too".

    The biggest issue would be getting the handful of people actively using some of the other Cloudrons over onto the One Big Cloudron, but currently the numbers of people I'm talking about would be manageable (but this gets harder as more people start joining the other secondary Cloudrons).

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    Practically all apps won't handle it properly if you add/remove LDAP dynamically. You have to basically go and tinker with the database to move over users from ldap to local and vice versa. It's currently this way just to keep our support overhead low.

    Like the immediate question after we add this is: how can I migrate LDAP users of xxx as local πŸ™‚ This is impossible for us to support.

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    I'm totally sure that I have enabled the directory server in Cloudron, not sure where it's stuck...

    Maybe I will try and give it a go to package Authelia as an app in Cloudron. Only thing is i have zero experience with that, so it's going to be a learning curve....

    Maybe @Jan-Macenka can help/assist me with that?

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    @girish said in Adding a new user with _ in their username doesn't work and generates no errors/ warnings/ messages:

    I tried this now and see a message:

    guess you must be running a patched/ fixed version?

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    @nebulon Thanks! πŸ™‚

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    @andreasdueren said in Hide admin user(name)s for mail managers:

    @girish personally I would enjoy the option to limit the E-Mail manager to the groups they are part of. For example some clients use so little resources like only a website with E-Mail that it doesn’t make sense to give them a dedicated server but instead put a few on the same.

    Very good points as well, however as @girish says, as this would require to implement shared resources the idea is easier said than done. On the other hand, I personally can't see why it would not make sense to provide dedicated VPS at low cost for its own little resources needs to such client. In when you think about it, any client can grow and in such case the client is already set to scale without any more hassle. Cloudron is not too heavy for a simple basic use as it will adjust its own resources need only for the needs of the installed apps.

    Now it would be nice if they could configure their own emails without being able to see let alone change the configuration of others.

    Moreover, as explained previously if you install Cloudron for the client, a 10 bucks per month VPS would be more than perfect for such low needs, as superadmin you keep full control of the instance's management for the client and you give it admin privileges so it can fully manage its mail server. And with the upcoming multiple instances of Cloudron feature that should should become easier to manage from your side as well. 😊

  • Cannot enforce 2FA on 7.1.3

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    Tested and confirmed fixed - thanks!

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    @nebulon Possibly related... would it be possible to add a column maybe (or even if just a hover message on a user) that would show when the user was last used to login to Cloudron? May be helpful in narrowing down users which should be marked inactive that may have been missed earlier. Essentially good for doing an audit of users. I guess as a workaround we can look at the Event History, however it may not go far enough back.

  • User Management is not working

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    @nebulon I updated the server to v7.0.1 and then rebooted, now when I'm login through the incognito tab in chrome browser, user management is working fine, maybe this is due to cacheing...

  • Usermanagement

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    @bluxomat To answer your questions (and my understanding of your needs): If you have different customers on one Cloudron instance, there is no option to have a "kind of" multi-tenant user management. If you give the role "user admin" to one user of client A, she is able to see and create all users on that Cloudron instance.

    In that case it's better for all (including Cloudron the company because of more subscriptions) to install a Cloudron instance per client. If you are a "frugal fox" (never heard of this before, I had a quick translate of the german word "Sparfuchs" that means something like: If I don't have to put more money in other people's pockets, why should I?), then the only chance is to have some kind of "multi-tenant" within the user management of the apps themselves. But if your customer has more than one app on your instance, you have to repeat the creation of users in every app again and again.

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    @alexdimarco Added for next release.


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    @robi I've put it in the corresponding thread here